Angola boasts stunning geography and rich cultural traditions. However, the country has been scarred by war and continues to face major problems of poverty and illness.

Angola is still recovering from the 27-year civil war, which ended in 2002. Despite the ravages of war, nature here is still unspoilt by man. Angolans consist of the Ovimbundu, Mbundu, Bakongo, and smaller groups like the Mestiço and Portuguese. Portuguese is the official language of Angola, but Bantu and other African languages are also widely spoken. Fifty-three percent of the population professes Christianity, while immigrants from Mali, Nigeria, and Senegal are mostly Muslims. The country faces major economic, social, and political problems. Some of these include an estimated 68 percent of the population living in poverty, HIV/AIDS, more than a million orphans and low literacy levels. After the long war, which robbed many of them of an education, Angolans have an extreme desire to be educated. Corruption is seen in all areas of life: in business, the church, government and families. Despite these problems, the news always has a very positive message, being mainly about the progress of different development projects and education programmes.


Because of the political instability in Angola, it took much longer for OM Angola to be established than first anticipated. The work was started in the capital city of Luanda in February 2002, and in 2005 God made a way for us to start a second base in the southern part of the country in Menongue.


Our vision is to allow God to transform lives and to equip the local Angolans to serve their fellow citizens with what they have learned.


We hope to do this by equipping the church through providing different forms of training:

  • discipleship;
  • spiritual development through Bible School;
  • training Sunday School Teachers;
  • HIV/AIDS training amongst Christian youth;
  • activities for children in schools/Children’s Clubs/ Children’s Centre;
  • training in argricultural skills; and computer skills and
  • English classes


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Pray for Angola

Thank You, Father, for the diverse people of Angola and that its natural beauty remains untouched despite years of war. Thank You that despite all the social, political and economic problems the news focuses on the positive aspects. We pray that You would satisfy the Angolans' hunger for education and put an end to the corruption that is seen in all areas of life, and even in Your church.

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