Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and home to many tourist attractions. But while the economy booms, the church is facing a steady and sharp decline.

OM Australia's goal is to challenge, motivate and equip people to serve around the world. We are committed to mobilising for world mission and providing pastoral care, training and prayer support.

A week long orientation training is given prior to leaving Australia and Aussie OMers return home via the head office for re-entry following their assignment. Approximately 130 Australians are working overseas and we seek to grow this number.

To do so we need committed, flexible and willing people serving in various professional capacities: administration, finances, personnel, financial development, communications, mobilisers, marketing and more. New Zealanders have no difficulty obtaining work permits for Australia; there are some restrictions for other nationalities. It is possible for people to work in Australia on a Religious Workers' visa.

Teams reach out to people from other countries in Sydney and Melbourne under a team called MAP - Ministry to Australian People, which provides excellent training and experience for those wishing to work long-term among people of other faiths. 

Kingdom Connection Team (KCT) is a training programme for those wanting to learn English, creative evangelism and team living. An extension of this programme is the Korean/English School, which helps applicants from OM Korea seeking to improve their English skills before serving with OM overseas.  KCT partners with others in church planting, reaching out to the often, non English speaking residents of Sydney. OM has seen a growing and exciting fellowship spring up.

TeenStreet Australia also runs in Australia

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Pray for Australia

Thank You for the amazing nation of Australia, for the vast beauty of its nature, for the unique culture of its people, and for its economic wealth. We pray that You would work against materialism, especially among Christians, so they will become aware of the needs of the world and be willing to go out, to build Your kingdom among the lost and the oppressed.

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