Brazil is home to vast tropical rainforests and attracts millions of tourists every year. However, 85 percent of Brazilians do not consider themselves followers of Christ.

With a population of 190 million, Brazil is a land of great need and great opportunity. Wherever hope encounters desperation, Christians are making a significant impact.


The culmination of 22 years of ministry, OM Brazil’s Training Centre both equips those wanting to serve in missions overseas and engenders ministries that reach marginalized people groups within the country.

Our culture is people-oriented, and Brazilians are thus well-suited to work in places like Central Asia, Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe. Churches are often young, dynamic and ready to take on their role in world mission. OM serves the Church through mobilizing, recruiting, training and sending workers overseas.

At home, 85% of Brazilians are still not followers of Christ. We work to reach street kids, homosexuals, prostitutes, the homeless and drug addicts in urban centres as well as fishermen villages in remote areas.

Would you consider joining our team? If so, bring a flexible attitude, graceful heart and lots of love in your luggage. Unforgettable lessons and experiences await you in Brazil!

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Pray for Brazil

Thank You for the colorful allure of Brazil, with its stunning rain forests, relational culture and open, friendly people. Thank You for its churches, many of them young but ready to send their people into all the world. We pray that Brazilian Christians can also be a light among their own people, many of whom are trapped in prostitution, drug abuse and poverty. Lord, let Your light shine among them and let them experience the hope only You can give. 

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