Chile is described as "nature on a colossal scale" with massive glacial fields and stunning mountains. The Chilean church is passionate for God, but support for world missions is still needed to fulfill its sending potential.

Chile is one of Latin America's most stable and prosperous nations and has about 17 million inhabitants, of which 7 million live in its capital Santiago. Chile has a strong Catholic background, but over the last decades the evangelical church has grown rapidly and currently accounts for 15-20 percent of the population! The people are warm and loving, but there are also many physical and spiritual needs. The Chilean church is passionate for God, but its vision and support for world missions needs to mature to fulfil its sending potential.

OM’s work began in Chile in the 1980’s through the visits of the Doulos and the old Logos. OM Chile was formally created shortly following the 1988 sinking of the Logos after hitting rocks in the Beagle Channel between Argentina and Chile.


From our base in Santiago, we serve in the following areas:

  • Training: we offer a 6 month intensive mission training (IMT) programme for both Chileans and foreigners, in which they get to know God and themselves better through theory and practice. We also train Chilean churches and provide short-term mission experiences for foreigners in our so called Adventure Team.
  • Evangelism: we work in children’s homes, reach out to homeless people and share the love of God through our art ministry.
  • Mobilisation: we see the potential to send many missionaries from Chile and our desire and vision is to help prepare, train and to see Chileans being sent out to the least evangelised countries in the world

Would you like to serve at the ‘ends of the earth’ and be part of our team? Awesome! There are many opportunities in Chile for you to learn and to serve God in our exciting and growing ministries.

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Pray for Chile

Thank You for the beautiful country of Chile and its warm, loving people. Thank You for the rapid growth of Your church over the last decades; and for its passion for You and world missions. We pray that the church will mature to release its full potential, and that it can meet the many physical and spiritual needs of the Chileans, thus spreading Your love in word and deed.

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