Germany is a country steeped in history, filled with medieval castles, sleepy villages, and modern cities. But following the Cold War period, it has become a nation of materialism and secularism.

Germany...the land of thinkers and philosophers and the birthplace of Martin Luther. In 2017 Germany celebrates 500 years of Luther’s reformation—may this be an occasion for many to turn back to God.

Germany is a country of vibrant modern cities and sleepy villages. A country that has beautiful seas in the north and breath-taking mountains in the south. It is a country steeped in history, filled with medieval castles and historic kingdoms.

It is a country that was broken by the horrors of the Second World War, but a country that found new life in the economic boom of the 60s and 70s. It was that economic boom that has made Germany one of the strongest economic powers of the 20th century.

Germany was long divided by the Cold War, split into eastern and western sectors by the allied forces. But it was reunited after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Germany has a land mass of 357.05 km² (137.86 mi²) and a population of 82.3 million, of which 75.5 million hold German citizenship. This makes Germany one of the most densely-populated countries in the world!

In Germany, a church building can be found in almost every village and town. In many villages, the local church is the largest and most beautiful building, but most of these churches are empty and unused. Thirty-one per cent of Germans are registered as Catholic, 31 per cent as Protestants, but most of these “Christians” are only Christians in name and the true figure is thought to be more like 3.9 per cent. In reality atheism, esotericism and materialism are the growing 'religions' in Germany. An estimated 5 per cent are Muslims.

Pray for Germany

Thank You Father, for Germany, with its colorful history and beautiful, diverse landscapes. We pray that this officially Christian nation will return to You with all their hearts, finding in You everything they long for but cannot find in the world. We pray also for the many immigrants; let the German Christians shine their light among them and reach them with the Good News.

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