Ireland is a small country with a warm reputation, timeless landscape, and welcoming people. While Catholicism has a major influence on the country’s culture, few admit to having a relationship with God.

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The Republic of Ireland (Eire) is the only English-speaking Catholic nation. Ireland has a population of 4.5 million (a further 1.8 million live in Northern Ireland). While Catholicism is a major influence over the country and culture, few have a living relationship with God.

Traditional 'religion' has failed to tackle serious social problems such as alcoholism, teenage pregnancy and a high suicide rate among young men.  The overall suicide rate has risen dramatically since the recent economic collapse.

Evangelical numbers have grown over the past 10 years and stand at around 0.75% of the population, though according to Operation World, this is still the lowest percentage of any country in the English-speaking world.  


Although OM has a long history of involvement in Ireland, OM Ireland itself is one of the newest ministries in OM Europe. It was launched in 2002 to work alongside the Irish church for outreach and world missions. 

In 2008, OM Ireland moved from its base in Donegal in the North West to a new headquarters "Lacken House" in County Roscommon - the very heart of the country. This growing team is involved in a wide range of projects with a primary focus on sharing the good news of Jesus in Ireland. 

The Big Red Bus is a vital part of OM Ireland’s work. A red double-decker bus, it is the ideal venue for children’s clubs and youth coffee bars. Several times a year, the team takes the bus to different parts of Ireland – working in partnership with Irish churches. The creative ministry team also runs school programmes and theatre shows.

OM Ireland's one-year training programme "Immersion" combines intensive training with placements alongside Irish churches around the country.

Throughout the year, OM Ireland hosts short term sports teams, outreach teams and practical work teams (helping at Lacken House). 

Pray for Ireland

Thank You, Lord, for the green, lush country of Ireland. Thank You for catholic influence of the country and culture. We pray for the problems that traditional Catholicism has failed to address, like teenage pregnancy and high suicide rates; we pray for those living a dead, religious life. Let Your light and life be spoken into their lives and change them from the inside out.

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