Norway is known for its fjord-indented coastline, mountains, and unspoiled natural beauty. However, missionary activity in the country has decreased significantly in recent years.

Norway used to enjoy being the world’s largest sending country of missionaries per capita, until we lost this status a few years back. OM Norway would like to see our country regain this world record, by recruiting Norwegians for missions.

There are opportunities to work with OM Norway, especially in the area of recruiting, youth work, reaching immigrants as well as in the home office. Short term recruiting teams are organised from time to time.

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Pray for Norway

Thank You for the beautiful country of Norway, with its many fjords and mountains. Thank You for its strong sending force, and for many soundly evangelical church leaders. We pray for the Christian heritage to be re-established in this very secularized nation, and that the Good News will be brought especially to young people who are searching for the meaning of life in all the wrong places.

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