Ranked as the second most visited country in the world, Spain is known for its art history, culture, and food. Eighty percent of the population says they do not practice religion and the spiritual vacuum is being filled with secularism.

Situated at the crossroads between Africa and Europe, Spain has a unique cultural heritage. Spanish society is multi-lingual and multi-cultural with immigrants from Latin America, Africa and other European as well as diverse Spanish communities. Catholicism is the official religion but 80% of the population say they are not practising. Only 0.2% of the population are evangelicals and 13 million people live in towns with no evangelical witness. This spiritual vacuum is being filled with secularism, materialism, cults and the occult.


OM Spain is reaching out to the least reached communities in Spain through church planting and social action. This pioneer work is focused on the regions of western Spain, such as Extremadura, where there are less evangelical churches. One family is working in Pamplona in the north of Spain. In recent years, a number of new churches have been planted and continue to grow. OM Spain has been directly or indirectly involved in planting 12 new churches!

A ministry near Barcelona is also reaching out to Spain’s large Muslim population.

Youth ministry is another vital focus. Every year, OM Spain runs a camp to invest in the lives of young believers. The aim is the create a generation of Christians who are committed to evangelism and mission.

Throughout the year, OM Spain organises short-term outreaches in the least reached areas. These Global Challenge opportunities focus on supporting the ministry of long-term church planters.

Pray for Spain

Thank You, Father, for Spain with its unique culture reflecting both African and European influence. Thank You for this multi-cultural, multi-lingual and very Latino society. We pray for the work among the least reached people groups in Spain. We pray that dead religion will come to life and overcome the power of materialism, secularism and cults. Let the light of Your love flood Spain and call people to You.

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