United States

The United States is one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations. Sadly, young Americans are becoming increasingly irreligious.

OM’s ministry in the USA serves churches and individuals while also helping to provide vital resources for OM missionaries and projects around the world. Our aim is to see more American Christians pray, go, give and grow, living a missional lifestyle wherever they are.

Our team in the US is multicultural, and many have served internationally with OM.
We work with churches, individuals and colleges to mobilize more prayer, people and finance for missions.
Each year, we send hundreds of American Christians into short- and long-term missions, and we serve as their home office.
We host mission and prayer events.

Specific goals we are working toward in the next three years include:

  • See twice as many Americans join OM to serve for one year or more (compared to number who joined in 2008)
  • See a 150% increase in finances for missionaries and projects
  • Mobilize 25,000 prayer partners to pray for world missions

Our staff includes communications specialists, programmers & IT specialists, accountants, financial development officers, college & church mobilizers, and more. If you believe God is calling you to serve Him in a missions office in the USA,  contact us or go to omusa.org and check out "Serve in the USA" under the GO tab.

Pray for United States

Thank You, Father, for the United States, the "Land of the Free", for its amazing nature and diversity in people groups. Thank You for the many enthusiastic churches and their activity in world missions. We pray that Your Spirit would set this nation truly free, of fear, addiction, materialism, false religion and ignorance. Let the "American Dream" become the one You have for this amazing country, so it will prosper and grow under Your blessing, closer and closer to you.

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