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Albanians find Jesus in Greece

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New believersThe OM Greece team has organised Albanian camps in Greece for the past 10 years, and as of next year, they will be handing over the work to local Albanians to organise and manage.

As always, the OM team leader’s telephone rang a lot during the days of preparation, and the numbers of people announcing that they would come grew by the day. It promised to be one of the best-attended camps ever.

For the first time this year, many Albanians joined the camp from the first evening onwards. As cars drove into the campsite, Gezim (whose name means joy), the Albanian organiser of the camp who will take over leadership soon, approached the OM team leader with a great smile. 

Instead of the two families he had hoped for, seven families from Katerini, his hometown, had announced they would attend the camp. They all shared the same grandparents, Ylli and his wife, and were related to each other. Will we have places for so many? Gezim wondered, as the camp was almost full already. 

Never have so many openly responded to the gospel during the camp.

God worked in a very special way in this family, as at least six of them—amongst them Ylli, his wife and other adult family members—decided to become followers of Jesus during one of the meetings.

“Never have so many openly responded to the gospel during the camp,” reported the OM team leader. “As we gave our farewell speech, we could not hold back our tears. This is worth all the effort over all these years, seeing God working in the lives of our Albanian friends.” 

Ylli showed that he was serious about his new faith when he and his son asked about buying a Bible just before leaving the camp.

“While embracing Ylli, I thanked God,” said Gezim. “Although our ministry here has stopped, [God] will continue to work in ways greater than we could ever imagine!”

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Greece :: Katies journey from Greece to Transform 2013 in Rome began when she became a Christian at age 19.
Greece :: OM Greece jump-starts the United for Impact worship event in Athens.
Greece :: Volunteers at a Greek church hand out foot to both Greek and foreign neighbours in a needy part of Athens.
Greece :: OM helps provide personnel and funding for Nea Zoi, a local ministry in Greece, which offers sewing classes designed to give skills and income to women working in the sex industry. Out of the seven or eight women involved in the class, all but one have been able to leave and are no longer working on the streets.
Greece :: An older man enjoys his coffee and meal at a feeding programme run by an Athenian church in partnership with OM Greece.
Greece :: Bread for a feeding programme in Greece, which provides meals for immigrants, refugees, and needy people in Athens.
Greece :: Eating at sidewalk cafes with friends and family is an integral part of Greek life. Here people enjoy a late dinner in Athens.
Greece :: A traditional Greek salad includes cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, olive oil, olives, and large pieces of delicious feta cheese.
Greece :: Anthony (bottom right) came to Greece on a Transform 2012 outreach team, and is now serving longer-term at a drop-in centre and feeding programme.
Greece :: Women involved in Nea Zoi, a ministry in Greece reaching out to sex workers, learn how to make and sell handbags for a small income.


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