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Soccer game with kids at children's homeDuring her third visit to the children’s home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, OM team member Dani noticed a timid teenage girl walk onto the soccer field. The team visits the children’s home twice a week to play soccer with the kids who don’t have parents who can care of them.

In the children’s home, soccer is a male-dominated sport that not many girls dare to join. After Dani had played with the boys during her previous couple of visits, the young girl named Fabiola* timidly entered the soccer field for the first time. She laughed as Dani won the ball from a few of the boys on the field. Ultimately, she stepped out and joined the game.

“Seeing this teenage girl walk onto the soccer field and play with all the boys inspired me immensely, as I could see her confidence begin to increase,” said Dani. “I pray that her confidence continues to grow and that she realises how precious she is in God’s sight.”

Deeper than music and nail polish

Anna, another volunteer with OM in Buenos Aires, managed to connect with Daniela*, a 14-year-old Bolivian girl in the children’s home. Because many of the girls don’t want to play soccer with the boys, some of the female OM volunteers try to talk with them.

“It’s really difficult to get into a conversation with the girls that goes deeper than music and nail polish,” said Anna. “But Daniela was the first girl who told me about her life.” Because of a learning disability, Daniela never went to school. But she was good at handicrafts and managed to make herself pretty clothes.

One week after the conversation Anna had with her, Daniela was gone. She had been in Buenos Aires for a few years but suddenly decided to go back to Bolivia. Anna found out that she moved to a shelter for refugees and waited there for her mother to come pick her up.

“But one week later I got the news that she’s in another children’s home in Buenos Aires,” said Anna. “Something went wrong and she never made it back to Bolivia.” In the new home, Daniela is exposed to bad influence of others. “She even started smoking,” said Anna. “Please, pray for Daniela. Pray that God will protect her in this new surrounding and that she will find the right friends. Pray that she will keep hearing the gospel and finally make the decision to accept Jesus as her Lord.”

God’s endless love

The OM team members in Buenos Aires appreciate your prayer for all the children in the home they visit. Please pray with Dani for Fabiola, that she may grow and get to know the Lord. Pray that all the children and teenagers may experience God’s endless love for them and that they will come to recognise Christ as a solid rock in their restless lives. Pray that OM Argentina’s SportsLink ministry may reach the heart of many children as they visit the home weekly.

*Name changed

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