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Immediate relief to earthquake-affected area

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Debrief after earthquakeAn earthquake of 7.2 magnitude hit Cebu at 8:12 on Tuesday, 15 October, where the OM Philippines-Cebu Ministries team is based. The epic centre of the earthquake was in neighbouring Bohol Island, but most of the casualties are from Cebu. To date, 158 people have been pronounced dead and still more are missing.

Having recently concluded a workshop conducted by Wesley Relief Society from Singapore on church response to disaster and crisis, OM team members immediately contacted two participants from Bohol to survey the extent of damage in the area.

“Our people were one of the first to respond [to the crisis],” said Sally Ababa, team leader of OM Philippines-Cebu Ministries. “The ID card we issued [participants] during our crisis relief training proved to be helpful as they used it to get permission to go into places no one has gone yet. They mobilised different ministerial and pastoral associations in the area and were able to get hold of village officials and other government units. The greatest need at the moment is water, food, medicine and temporary shelter.”

Under the leadership of OMer Gerry Rizon from OM Philippines-Cebu Ministries and Pastor Jun Tubo of Ubay Bohol, the Bohol Crisis Response Team left last week to provide water and food in four areas of Bohol: Sagbayan, Loon, Clarin and Bali-lihan. As food supplies on Bohol Island are running out, goods will be sourced elsewhere.

Time is of essence now. The team appreciates your fervent prayers.

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Photos Philippines

Philippines :: Davao, Philippines :: Jona Reinhardt (Germany), Rainier Penner (Canada) and Lucy Deng (China) playing basketball with local kids.
Philippines :: Cebu, Philippines :: Logos Hope Outbound team member Johannes Feyler (Germany) plays with children after a day of running a camp.
Philippines :: The variety of people involved in the Housing Project, from the short-term Singaporean team to the USC students and local carpenters, made the time spent in Tindog very memorable.
Philippines :: In the third week, bamboo slats are installed around the kitchen and doorway, and a roof put on 3rd house. Foundations have begun on the 7th and 8th houses.
Philippines :: University of San Carlos Institute for Planning and Development ran a workshop for beneficiaries in the morning, and after lunch, a groundbreaking ceremony was conducted.
Philippines :: A 6-wheeler truck that was borrowed from Christian Outreach Center, Maya, is used to deliver A-frames that have been drilled and bolted together.
Philippines :: In the second week of OM Philippines Tindog Housing Project, foundations were poured for the first house. The beneficiary of the second house had dug the holes himself over the weekend.
Philippines :: Enough A-frames and walls are made by the end of one day for four houses. Oregon pine wood is used throughout, except for the main post, which is made from Malaysian hardwood.
Philippines :: Erecting the ‘model’ A-frame house on construction site before visiting the first four beneficiary sites to survey ground and put in rough markers for house locations.
Philippines :: OM Philippines’ Alternative Learning System (ALS) teachers visit the homes of students in an effort to connect with their parents and encourage further education.


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