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Immediate relief to earthquake-affected area

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Debrief after earthquakeAn earthquake of 7.2 magnitude hit Cebu at 8:12 on Tuesday, 15 October, where the OM Philippines-Cebu Ministries team is based. The epic centre of the earthquake was in neighbouring Bohol Island, but most of the casualties are from Cebu. To date, 158 people have been pronounced dead and still more are missing.

Having recently concluded a workshop conducted by Wesley Relief Society from Singapore on church response to disaster and crisis, OM team members immediately contacted two participants from Bohol to survey the extent of damage in the area.

“Our people were one of the first to respond [to the crisis],” said Sally Ababa, team leader of OM Philippines-Cebu Ministries. “The ID card we issued [participants] during our crisis relief training proved to be helpful as they used it to get permission to go into places no one has gone yet. They mobilised different ministerial and pastoral associations in the area and were able to get hold of village officials and other government units. The greatest need at the moment is water, food, medicine and temporary shelter.”

Under the leadership of OMer Gerry Rizon from OM Philippines-Cebu Ministries and Pastor Jun Tubo of Ubay Bohol, the Bohol Crisis Response Team left last week to provide water and food in four areas of Bohol: Sagbayan, Loon, Clarin and Bali-lihan. As food supplies on Bohol Island are running out, goods will be sourced elsewhere.

Time is of essence now. The team appreciates your fervent prayers.

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Photos Philippines

Philippines :: Crowds gather for worship on Sunday, with some keeping a safe distance under the trees nearby. The impact caused by Typhoon Haiyan is still visible everywhere.
Philippines :: Members from Logos Hope, Bradford Church Cebu and OM Philippines spend time in prayer for Kinatarkan, thankful to God for the difference they could make.
Philippines :: After worship, the OM Philippines team organises a time of fun and games for the children and youth...for many, this is the most fun they have had in months!
Philippines :: A child enjoys the safe and comfort of her new home as workers and volunteers worship outside.
Philippines :: Members from Logos Hope, Bradford Church Cebu and OM Philippines organise a time of worship for believers on Kinatarkan just north of Cebu Island.
Philippines :: Once the starter homes have been assembled, a team from Logos Hope, Bradford Church Cebu and OM Philippines arrive in Kinatarkan to bless the community and worship together.
Philippines :: Now just for the of OM Philippines starter homes in Kinatarkan is almost completely assembled.
Philippines :: Due to the unexpected problem of lime stone under the clay, it took two days for the starter homes in Kinatarkan to be assembled.
Philippines :: It took two days to assemble all sections of two starter homes including walls, floors and roof frame. The morale amongst the Kinatarkan crew (workers and volunteers) was high, despite unexpected problems they encountered along the way.
Philippines :: Under the supervision of Cres and Jeremiah from OM Philippines, 95% of the building material was delivered on site by 21 March. Construction started three days later.


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