Pioneering Visual Artist

Do you want to put your artistic gift to use while serving in an unreached part of Europe? Do you have a heart for bringing the good news to the lost in a creative way?


We are looking for visual artists who want to share their art form in and among the community and be a bridge to share the hope of Christ with Kosovars.

Situated in Southeast Europe in an area known as the Balkan Peninsula, Kosovo is the second-newest country in the world and has a population of approximately 1.8 million.

Though Kosovo has no official religion according to their constitution, over 90% of the population identify with different sects of Islam making it the overwhelmingly majority religion. While different sects of Christianity exist in Kosovo, the Protestant Church, which primarily developed following the ethnic war in 1999, is comprised of approximately 2000 members countrywide.

Kosovo is a crossroads of East and West, European secularism and Islamic radicalism, and the new generation is experiencing a modernization the previous generation never imagined.

We need people with a pioneering spirit to build up ministry in Kosovo’s capital of Prishtina. Kosovars are discontent with the economic and political situation, and 62% of youth face unemployment. People need to hear the hope of the gospel; we believe one of the ways we can engage the church and community well is through artists, intentionally involved in the creative process and the showcasing of their work with and in the community.

Come with a willingness to work alongside the local church and build lasting relationships with the community around you. Through creating art yourself, collaborating with others, and using arts as a springboard to relationships, come with a desire to put your gift to use.

• Heart for the lost
• Ability to work on a team
• Willingness to learn local Albanian language
• Skill in visual arts
• Flexibility to devote time to your artistic discipline and relational ministry and church involvement
• Passion for working among marginalised, special needs, urban poor, or ethnic minorities

Start Date

As soon as possible

Commitment Length

2-3 Years

All jobs/opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

Photos from Kosovo

Stories from Kosovo

Loved at last

Anea's story is one of abandonment, misuse, tragedy and hurt. But through OM in Kosovo's House of Joy programme, she has found hope for her, and her daughter's, future.

Hope through the valleys

Although Debora's journey to get to House of Joy was one filled with valley after valley, she never lost hope and her friend Anita never stopped praying.

Sent out, two by two

Exciting gospel encounters happen when disciples go out two by two, as Jesus commanded in Luke chapter 10.


Anita tells how she saw God answer her prayers in seeing Besjana from OM’s House of Joy programme reunited with her son.

God deserves to be worshiped in Albanian

In 2017, two OMers began a new ministry focussed on recording worship music in the Albanian language for the Albanian-speaking world.

Barbershop talk

Peter found a group of local men were very ready to discuss big issues with him when he went for a hair cut.