South Africa

Chief Operating Officer

As a senior member of the OM South Africa leadership team, the COO will report directly to the Field Leader/ National Director (FL/ND) and be responsible for the effective and efficient operations of OM South Africa.
OM South Africa is in the process of converting to a Non-Profit Company (NPC) and on completion of this process the COO will be an ex officio member of the Board of Directors of the NPC.
This is a full-time position to be fulfilled at OM South Africa's head office in Pretoria.


Objectives of the COO role
• Collaborate with the FL/ND in setting and driving organisational vision, operating strategy and key ministry objectives.
• Communicating, promoting and implementing the vision, mission and strategic goals of OM South Africa.
• Oversee organisational operations and team member performance
• Adhere to OM International policies and procedures, South African statutory, legal and corporate governance requirements; enforcing compliance and acting when necessary.
• In conjunction with other Heads of Departments (HOD’s), maintain and develop effective systems, procedures, policies, working relationships and infrastructure to ensure OM South Africa functions optimally

Key Responsibilities
• Identify and manage all risks associated with the operations and activities of OM South Africa;
• Ensure that OM South Africa comply with all statutory, legal and corporate governance requirements and regulations applicable to the organisation. This includes the submission of the annual return to Department: Social Development;
• Ensure that OM South Africa comply with all policies, procedures, rules and regulations imposed and expected by OM International. Assist and support the FL/ND to develop strategic goals and objectives for OM South Africa and assist the FL/ND with the overall management of OM South Africa.
• Plan, coordinate and execute the annual budget process in cooperation with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to ensure that the Board approves the annual budget timeously.
• Promote an organisational work ethic of high performance, high moral and ethical standards, and continuous improvement that encourages a culture of life-long learning and commitment to quality.
• As the responsible HOD, ensure the maintenance and development of the physical and technological infrastructure.
• Maintain, develop and implement an appropriate system of internal controls and procedures to ensure the optimal functioning of OM South Africa by ensuring the continued development of appropriate policies, procedures and delegation of authority frameworks.
• Act as line manager for and be accountable to the FL/ND for the following departments and officers: Marketing and Branding; ITC and Data Management and Transport Manager.
• Ensure that the daily activities of OM South Africa are carried out in a safe environment in accordance with all applicable health, safety and environmental protection regulations.
• Maintain lines of communication and keep the FL/ND, the Board and HODs informed of all critical and relevant issues.
• Maintain and build trusted relationships with partners, churches, major donors and stakeholders.
• Represent OM South Africa externally when necessary.

Required Skills and Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in business administration or related field and 3+ years’ working experience in a senior leadership position or 10+ years’ working experience of which at least 2 years in a similar role.
• Leadership skills with steadfast resolve and personal integrity.
• Understanding of advanced organisational planning, corporate governance and regulatory issues.
• Above average communication skills with fluency in speaking, writing and reading English.
• Ability to diagnose and evaluate situations quickly and have foresight into potential issues and effects.
• Personal life and character must be grounded in and consistently demonstrate biblical values of spiritual life and leadership in accordance with OM’s vision and mission, Statement of Faith and Core Values.
• High level of computer literacy.

Preferred Skills and Qualifications
• Experience of working within a multi-cultural environment.
• Experience of working within a non-profit organisation that relies on volunteers to fulfil its mission and ministry.
• Ability to speak and/or read one or more official South African languages, other than English.

Please note: This is a non-salary position. Members need to raise funds and support from friends, family and churches

Start Date

As soon as possible

Commitment Length

+3 Years

All jobs/opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

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