Communicate life-changing stories through multimedia!
Release your skills in graphic design and movie authoring to produce print publications and multimedia respectively for diverse people groups throughout Eurasia. Present the gospel for distribution through different channels to reach those who have few Christian resources available in their heart language. Join OM EAST, based near Vienna, and play a key role in bringing hope to least reached groups.


Graphic Designer’s responsibilities:

Your responsibilities will be divided between graphic design and movie authoring.

• Produce videos by editing footages, sound, language, subtitles and extras, ready for distribution online, on SD cards or DVDs.
• Enter subtitles and adjust timings.
• Design DVD labels and menus.
• Render HD quality films.
• Operate our DVD and SD card duplicator.
• Design book covers, booklets, flyers, logos and media designs that are appropriate for the focus culture and communicate the desired message.
• Layout books and eBooks with a pleasing arrangement of text, image and space.
• Edit and design with specific cultures in mind.
• Prepare subtitles and layout text in a range of languages, including minority dialects.
• There is the possibility of producing short clips as needed.
• Collaborate with OM EAST partners, including translators.

Graphic Designer’s knowledge, skills and experience:

• Background and experience in design.
• Background and experience in video or willingness to learn if joining OM EAST for one year or longer.
• Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, especially: Premiere, Audition, Encore, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
• Good attention to detail and an eye for design.
• Self-motivated.
• Ability to work independently and in a team.

Start Date

As soon as possible

Commitment Length

1-2 Years

All jobs/opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

Photos from Austria

Stories from Austria

Beyond the Easter bunny

In partnership with local churches, a team shared the good news of Easter through music with all kinds of people in Austria.

New Friends in the Park

Building relationships with Muslims and sharing about the good news of Jesus in the city of Graz, Austria during the Building Bridges Experience outreach.

The joy of Easter at a fitness centre

Easter is a popular time for outreaches in Europe. Stories from last year inspire this year's team.

Finding the Truth in Austria

Finn und Naomi, workers at Building Bridges in Linz and Traun, give us insight into their experiences and encounters with migrants.

International with lots of charm

"The Lord gave me a verse out of Isaiah 50:5...I started to understand that I had a lot to give, and that God’s ways for me might lead me differently than I had thought," said OMer Evelyn.

'Finally we have found a place'

“It is wonderful and we are very grateful to God that we can live here,” Javid said. “Finally we have found a place where we can live our faith in Jesus in peace."