Logos Hope: Media Relations Officer

Use your media skills to oversee and develop media relations in each port that the Logos Hope visits


Responsibilities and tasks
 Gain useful video footage for interesting stories, by attending events, ministry days and by interviewing crew members;
 Plan, produce and provide finished video and audio productions for partners and potential supporters, Port Reports and other approved Communications projects;
 Create advertisements for television and radio, as well as other specific requests that come from the advance preparation teams;
 Maintain and update the different media displayed around the ship, and ensure that media is provided in the available local language;
 Ensure that the on board catalog is properly maintained and archived, as well as being sent to the onshore Communications team;
 Provide and maintain finished productions on the internal ships network;
 Participate with the Communications team in developing new communication concepts and assist the team where needed.

Job requirements:
Work experience and/or educational background in the area of Social Media or Online Marketing
Sensitive to new trends in the area of Social Media
 Public speaking (on stage or in front of camera)
 Flexibility and Stress Management
 Communication skills
 People skills

Start Date

January 2020

Commitment Length

1-2 Years

All jobs/opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

Photos from Ships

Stories from Ships

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Schiffe:: Erstmalig gibt es eine Erste Ingenieurin auf einem OM-Schiff. Sie erzählt, wie es dazu kam, dass sie Gott mit ihren Begabungen dient.

Engineering change for women

Ships :: OM Ships' pioneering female First Engineer shares her journey of serving God with her skills.

Stop following your dreams and start following Jesus

“It was five years ago that I ran through the flag tunnel in South Korea and entered the Logos Hope ship for the first time,” remembers Camila. “My heart was beating fast and my mouth was dry. I carried a suitcase full of clothes and pictures of the people I would miss. I also carried with me many dreams and things I wanted to achieve in those first two years—professional dreams, sentimental dreams, material dreams—all of which came from the desires of my heart.”

Aus der Mannschaft: Mit Botschaft zur Rückkehr bereit

Schiffe :: Eine Schiffsmitarbeiterin aus Osteuropa erzählt von ihrer Zeit auf der Logos Hope

Crew view: Ready to return with a message

Ships :: A volunteer from Eastern Europe shares the story of her time serving on Logos Hope.

Una Visión Que Se Hace Realidad: La historia del ministerio de los barcos de OM

Este año se celebra el décimo aniversario del barco Logos Hope. Pero, ¿conocés toda la historia detrás del ministerio de los barcos de Operación Movilización? Seguí leyendo para descubrir su increíble travesía.