Caring for body and soul

January 04, 2019

A team of volunteers from Logos Hope visited a community two hours from the ship's berth in Guayaquil, where they taught children about hygiene in two of the area's schools.

The volunteers explained to the children how important it is to wash their hands several times a day, and showed them the best way to do so. They all practised the best techniques to get rid of germs. The team also explained how important taking care of our teeth is for good hygiene and health. Using a model of a jaw and a proportionally big toothbrush, the crewmembers showed the students the best way to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

To encourage the young people to take care of their health, the team gave each child their own pack of useful products: toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, nail clippers and a face towel. Each bag also contained a more personal gift: a stuffed animal.

The team later shared the gospel with the children, using the ‘Wordless book;’ a book which only displays colours and is a visual way of explaining sin, forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ. Monica Khongorzul (Central Asia), was thankful they could tell the children about God’s love. “Whatever we do, God always works in people’s hearts. Even one sentence or just one word can touch them,” she said. “His word is powerful and alive, so I trust He worked in those kids’ hearts as well as in the teachers’.”

The children showed a lot of joy and beaming smiles when receiving their gifts. Pastor Raul Arcuello, the team’s contact person for the day, expressed his appreciation for the message shared. “You all did a good job, keep going! Getting to know people from different countries was a new experience for the community and you came with a gift from God, which is knowing His Son, Jesus Christ.”

One of the community’s pastors, Pastor Pablo, was also touched by the team’s presence and said these words as they parted: “May God give you love and mercy. It was a real joy to have met you. We could never go to your countries but you have come to us. We have family in the whole world.” Another pastor, Guilan, added, “May God bless you in your work in Ecuador and the places that will follow.”

As they bade farewell, the community’s pastors and church prayed that God would guard the team and Logos Hope’s work of telling the world about Jesus and helping those in need.