Transform2019 Romania - Reaching Gypsies

July 08 - July 20, 2019 (Apply by April 09)

Transform2019 ( is a unified effort around the Mediterranean and within Europe to create momentum for the gospel by mobilizing people and training them in telling their personal God story.Together with local believers and an international long-term ministry team we will stay in the Roma/Gypsy community of a small village, serve the people in need and encourage the local church in their efforts of reaching out to people from an Orthodox background who don't know how to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are simply aiming TO BE for Roma people, to live with them, attend their church services, listen to their stories and music, what they’re passionate about and the disappointments they’ve had, play with the kids and youth, pray for old and sick people, live a simple lifestyle, be a friend to the Gypsies.

Available for:   Singles   Couples   Families   Groups 

Ages 18 - 75   ·   $859
Ministry Details

8th to 13th July 2019 - central conference in Athens, Greece

13th July 2019 - travel from Athens to Bucharest, Romania

14th - 20th July 2019 - evangelism outreach as part of a Church planting project in a Roma/Gypsy community in the south of Romania.

Participant Profile

All participants should be physically fit, able to cope with a hot climate. Participants will need to be team players with a teachable heart and a willingness to submit and grow. Being flexible, forgiving, encouraging, and having a good sense of humor is essential.


Accomodation will be in the local church building. You might need your sleeping bag. Toilet and shower facilities may be basic. There might be no laundry facilities.


We will provide all meals in partnership with the local church and may have a rotating "kitchen help" schedule for you to be involved in.


You need to book and pay for your own travel to Athens, Greece on the 8th of July; Greece to Bucharest-Otopeni (OTP), Romania on 13th of July; and Romania back home on the 20th of July. The conference will take place in the area of Athens, Greece. Detailed information about travel to the conference site will be given out to you by your local OM office.
Please make sure you arrive in Bucharest-Otopeni on 13th of July before 18:00 and leave on 20th of July after 11:00.

How to Find Us

Please See "Travel".


All applicants are required to have a complete Traveler's Medical Insurance policy to cover the entire period. Please contact the medical services in your home country for vaccination requirements. You need to be in good health to be able to participate with us. (Please let us know of any allergies/conditions during your application process.)


Those from countries within the EU and North America will not need a visa, others will need to check with their embassies for details.


The common team language will be English but the locals will speak Romanian. Do not expect them to know or be confident enough to speak English. There will be translators on your team. We will send you in your acceptance pack some basic phrases to learn too (Handbook Welcome to Romania).

All prices do not include airfare