Salamu Aleikum Switzerland Interlaken (Standard accommodation)

August 10 - August 24, 2019 (Apply by May 12)

Help share the good news with tourists from different countries in the Arab Peninsula, as they have very few, or even no opportunity to hear the Gospel in their home countries. We want to take this unique opportunity and use the freedom we have in Switzerland to share God`s love with the Arab from the Arab Peninsula.This is a special opportunity for you to bring hope and light to people living in the heart land of Islam, in the Arabian Peninsula. You will also gain a better understanding of Islamic culture and religion through:
- personal contacts with Muslims
- training
- fellowship with brothers and sisters having experience in or coming from the Middle-East

Available for:   Singles   Couples   Families 

Ages 18 - 99   ·   $1267
Ministry Details

A typical day consists of worship and prayer, training sessions, learning from each others outreach experiences and free time.

Outreaches will consist of: sharing the gospel on a personal level, DVDs & New Testaments distribution and intercession on site. The Jesus film will be showed open air.

During the morning sessions we will hear testimonies and have some special lessons in which we learn more about Islam and what it means to live in the Arab world. We learn as well how to start a conversation and and share Christ with muslims.

During outreach the teams consist of people sharing and people praying we are alternately in a small outreach or prayer group as we walk around Interlaken.

There is a free day for sightseeing built into the program.

Participant Profile

The team and outreach language is English. Participants speaking Arabic are especially welcomed! You must be willing to learn about cultures, religions, and people.

Families: We've welcomed families with children in the past. Please contact us to discuss the possibility of having them participate.


Good quality accommodation in a nice Christian guest house is organized. http://www.credo.ch/gruppen/?lang=en

Rooms with 2 beds, shower and toilet in room.


All meals are included. Special diet plan can be requestet.


Arrival: Plan to arrive between 2 pm and latest 5 pm. Rooms are not available earlier!

Participants arrange and pay for their own travel to Interlaken West.

Switzerland has 3 airports: Geneva(GVA), Zurich(ZRH), Basel(BSL). From all 3 airports you reach Interlaken by train within 3 hours. Train ticket isn't included. Trains are a very safe and common transport possibility in Switzerland.

Participants will be picked at the station Interlaken West.

How to Find Us

Please See "Travel".


Participants should make sure their personal medical insurance covers them during the outreach time. Participants need to be ready for long hours standing/walking during outreach times. If you have health limitations or allergies, please, let us know!


EU: No visa required
Non-EU Passport: Visa required (some countries such as US/Canada can get the tourist visa at the airport, but not all).

Please confirm with the following link: https://www.sem.admin.ch/sem/en/home/themen/einreise/merkblatt_einreise.html


If someone comes from a totally different culture we recommend the 2 week option.

All prices do not include airfare