Volunteer at OM USA

Located in Tyrone, Georgia

These are the current opportunities for volunteers at OM USA in Tyrone, GA. If you are interested in a certain area or ministry that is not listed, please contact our Volunteer Resource Manager for more information.

  • Launch Team Assistant
    1-2 days/week
    Making phone calls to mission applicants, connecting with people by phone, answering questions, keeping applicants ‘warm’.

    Outgoing, prospector temperament, comfortable on phone, good communication skills
  • Receptionist
    2-3 days per week, 10:00AM-2:00PM.
    Duties ranging from answering phone, welcoming guests, email.

    Good attitude, communication skills, willingness to work, email.
  • Kitchen Volunteer
    Wednesdays 8:30AM-2:00PM.
    Helping our kitchen director prepare lunch for the OM USA weekly team lunch.

    Good attitude, willingness to work
  • Facilities/Grounds/Maintenance
    1-2 days/week, once/month, seasonal – individuals, groups.
    Cleaning, fixing, painting, plumbing to cutting grass and pulling weeds.
    These opportunities are great for persons who want to do a group project or be involved on a sporadic basis.

    On-going commitment, Flexible, Good attitude and willingness to work
  • Fleet Vehicle Maintenance
    5-10 hour week
    Help keep the fleet automobiles clean inside and out.
    Working in OM garage with cleaning supplies and equipment supplied.

    Good attitude, willingness to work, handyman experience a plus
  • Human Resources Assistant
    1-3 days/week long-term with a lot of flexibility
    Assist in the daily operation of the HR area
    Participation in various HR projects (e.g. orientation)

    MicroSoft Office, Administrative experience
  • Prayer Team
    20 hours per month
    Commit to join a group on a regular basis to pray for the world, OM, and other needs as reported. Coordinate and facilitate prayer meetings at church. Create initiatives such as adopting a country to pray for.

    Strong prayer life, heart for missions.
  • Mailroom Clerk
    1-4 mornings/days/week
    Making sure that letters and packages are properly sent and delivered in the workplace. Responsible for receiving, delivering and shipping packages.  Responsible for maintaining adequate supplies in the mailroom.

    Excellent organizational and communication skills.



Joining Process for Volunteers

Volunteering your time at OM USA is a great way to make a difference from right here in the United States. The process to volunteer is simple.

  1. Contact our Volunteer Resource Manager, or call us at 1-800-899-0432 (or 770-631-0432). Let us know what you would like to do!
  2. Arrange a time to visit the OM USA office in Tyrone, GA. Discover what OM USA is all about and meet with the department head for whom you will volunteer.

It’s that easy!