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There’s nothing cookie-cutter about the work we do and there’s nothing cookie-cutter about us. If God created us to design, then we design. If we’re wired to organize, then we organize. If we’ve been made to build, then we build. We’re extroverts and introverts. Single and married. Left-brained and right-brained. And though we bring a multitude of gifts to the work we do, the one thing that unites us is our shared conviction that the Gospel changes everything.

Our work focuses on six spheres that we believe generate vibrant community: Arts & Entertainment, Business, Church, Education, Media, and Social. As we engage in each of these spheres, we identify specific ways we can build up local communities. So whether we’re working as editors or artists, caterers or coaches, mechanics or musicians, we’re building up the communities where we live and serving our new friends in ways that lead to lasting transformation.

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Access to education changes lives now and for generations to come. This is long-term, sustainable, impact.

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Arts & Entertainment

In a visual culture, we want to empower artists to engage their creative gifts to exalt God and extend His kingdom among the nations.

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In areas around the globe where Christian witness is limited, OM is reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a variety of media.

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Every day, in every society, people engage in a defining activity of life— business.

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At the center of a healthy community sits a healthy church, serving and sharing God’s love.

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Social Sector

We view the Gospel as more than the redemption of individuals — it is the restoration of communities, so that all things may be called “good.”

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