Known for its abundant wildlife and tourist destinations, Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa. However, most churches are clustered in central towns and have difficulty reaching out to the villages, where low income and malnutrition struggles are prevalent.

Famous for its abundant wildlife and tourist destinations, such as the Serengeti Cross Border Wildlife Park, Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa. It is bordered by Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Kenia, and the DRC. The population numbers about 38 million people, of which 38% are followers of Islam. There are more than 120 tribes in Tanzania, the Sukuma people being the largest tribe.

Churches are clustered in towns, and the believers not reaching out to the villages.

In 2004 ProChristo Global Missions (PGM) started working in Tanzania. At the beginning of 2009 PGM and Operation Mobilisation (OM) merged and became one organisation operating as OM.

At present we have workers in the Usangu Basin in the southern part of Tanzania, reaching out to the Sukuma and the Sangu people. This part of the country has the highest HIV/Aids rate. Here we are building relationships, planting churches and training local evangelists to continue the work.

OM is working alongside the following local churches in Tanzania and Zambia: Mbala Central Baptist Church; Uhai Baptist Church; Ilomba Baptist Church; Senga Baptist Church; Grace Church; Pentecostal International Church.

Current projects include:

  • Rice farming project
  • Orphan feeding program
  • Skills training: quilts, clothes etc.
  • Empowerment of orphans (sending for training)
  • Training of pastors


The Sukuma people group is the largest people group in Tanzania. Why? Because it is general practice for a man to have more than five wives, and have several children with each wife.

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Pray for Tanzania

Thank You for Tanzania, a country of great beauty and rich in wildlife. Thank You for peace and stability amidst many warring nations, and thank You for a growing Evangelical church. We pray for discipleship for the Tanzanian Christians and that they would reach out more to the rural areas of the country. Let Your beauty be seen by the tribes of Tanzania and turn their hearts to You.

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