OM in West & Central Asia
This great region stretches from Istanbul in the west to Urumchi in the east, and broadly lies along the historic Silk Road. The vast majority of the population is Muslim.

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The number of Muslim background believers is still very small but growing due to disillusionment with Islam.  
In these countries, we focus on evangelism, relief and development, discipleship of believers, and church planting, either by ourselves or in partnership with others. In several of the Central Asian republics, where communism and domination by the Soviet Union existed for 70 years, there is a greater spiritual hunger that has led to faster growth.
Stories about West & Central Asia
National/Near Culture Worker/West & Central Asia/Education
OM worker Farhan* shared the story of ‘the Good Samaritan’ with a classroom of students in his home country of Bangladesh. Stories like this o...
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