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Joni, Experienced Frontier Missionary

Joni woke up to the sound of the imam’s call for ten years as she served in various countries where the Gospel is not welcome. Now she is the one sending out the call—the call for college students, church members, and conference attendees to “get out there” and take her place in these restricted areas. Currently based in northern California, Joni has served around the globe with Operation Mobilization for 26 years. Her rich overseas experiences allow her to speak on a wide variety of topics such as intercultural issues, missionary care, leadership in mission, raising families in difficult foreign countries, worldwide opportunities and the work of mission.

Her diverse work history includes driving an ambulance as an EMT, directing a food warehouse ministry, and teaching English as a Foreign Language in the Middle East. She’s the mother of four adult children who were partly raised in Muslim cultures. Joni and her husband, Norm, love spending time with them and their eight beautiful grandchildren, spread all around the U.S. She and Norm have lived, worked, and travelled in over 30 nations—leading teams, founding and running a missionary base in North Africa, and serving as OM leaders. If you are prepared to have your group transported to places they have never been, you are ready to have them hear Joni.

What Other People Say

"I had the privilege of having Joni come and speak to my freshman seminar class. This is a class of about 60 freshmen who are pre-nursing majors at a local University. She came and spoke to these students about her role in OM Missions. She was an excellent speaker and had the attention of the students right away when she started the class by writing a few words in Arabic script and offering to write their names in Arabic. She was engaging and personable. She shared pictures and stories that were both interesting and informative. The students seemed to be very attentive and interested in her topic. I will most certainly ask her to come again in the near future as many of our students are interested in doing Missions work. Joni also was willing to stay after her presentation and interacted with the students encouraging them and taking the time to answer their many questions as well as write their name in Arabic. She is an excellent speaker and clearly has a passion for OM Missions."

Rachel Van Niekerk MSN, RN, C-PNP ~ Assistant Professor - Biola University Department of Nursing


Travels From

Sacramento Airport (SMF)
Sacramento, CA


Preferred Audiences

  • Missions conferences
  • Camps
  • Churches


Message Topics

  • Surviving Ministry (for leaders)
  • Understanding Islam
  • Serving the Nations with Your Expertise
  • Families Successful in Missions