Sheila J. Slocum


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Sheila J. Slocum, International Women's Ministry Speaker

"I just tell my story," says Sheila of her ministry talks to women. Once she tells them her own hurts from a past of abuse, she finds that the women then open up with their own stories.

Sheila encourages Christian women in their faith and helps enlarge their vision for the world. She has counseled women worldwide and speaks often about true freedom that can only be found in Christ. She wants every woman to experience that freedom, for as Sheila says, “"When women walk in freedom, they are free to serve".

Sheila has been with OM since 1989 and has ministered in numerous countries and aboard two OM ships. She is available to speak to women's groups and women in ministry.

What Other People Say

"Sheila Slocum is a lady who spills out the grace of God to everyone she meets. Her testimony, which is one she shares honestly, not leaving out the difficult parts, is truly inspirational and you certainly need some tissues while listening. She is an amazing lady who through her mistakes and pain in her earlier life, has been willing to make herself vulnerable in sharing her story with others. As a result, many ladies identifying with her have been able through her wisdom and prayers, to walk into healing and freedom."

Pauline Cole ~ World Prayer Centre, Birmingham, England.

"Sheila Slocum ministers to many of the ladies of the Logos Hope. By giving her personal testimony in a ladies-only event she shows how God took her from places of despair to the place as his Beloved Child. In that she speaks directly to their hearts and many can relate to her story and find comfort in knowing the hope there is in Christ. By being available for one to one talks after this, many ladies share their most intimate struggles with her and are ministered to by her. For some this opens the door to seeking further help in overcoming emotional hurts. For many more the one on one meeting is all that is needed to gain perspective in their personal situation.
"In a close community like on the Logos Hope, it is of great value to have Sheila visiting as an "outsider" who is not part of the community, yet knows (ships) life well enough to be able to relate to the ladies stories and minister to them."

Netty Visser ~ Member Care Coordinator, OM Ships.


Travels From

Hartsfield Jackson Airport (ATL)
Atlanta, GA


Preferred Audiences

  • Women
  • college students


Message Topics

  • From Ashes to Beauty (Sheila's testimony)
  • Masks