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Stuart and Bery, International Missions Speakers

After serving with OM for over 33 years church planting among Muslims in Central Asia, Stuart and Bery have a deep passion to inspire and help Christians in the USA become effective disciples and practice Acts 1:8 as a lifestyle.


Sheila J. Slocum, International Women's Ministry Speaker

Sheila encourages Christian women in their faith and helps enlarge their vision for the world. She has counseled women worldwide and speaks often about true freedom that can only be found in Christ. She wants every woman to experience that freedom, for as Sheila says, “"When women walk in freedom, they are free to serve".



Bill Drake, Concert Artist, Speaker & Worship Leader

An ordained minister, skilled musician and gifted preacher and teacher, Bill Drake has seen the Lord powerfully touch his ministry. He has been privileged to travel to more than 50 countries, gaining recognition in Australia, South Africa, the US and many countries in Europe.

Mary of Bethany (Incl. Bill's Testimony)
What & How are you Worshipping


Richard Sharp, International Speaker

Be careful! Richard Sharp has been known to show up for meetings and turn audiences into evangelist teams. He recently told a youth group, “We can sit around here eating pizza and talking about the lost, or we can actually go meet them where they are.” Ask him about that story. It has a powerful ending--as do most of Richard’s visits.

Out of the Box


Dale Rhoton, Missions Mobilizer - Exciting God’s people to finish the task.

Dale Rhoton has been with Operation Mobilization from its inception in the late 1950's. His passion is to share what God is doing around the world. It is exciting to realize that our generation is seeing a unique movement of the Holy Spirit in Asia, Africa and South America.


Pat Tracy, International Speaker

Partnerships with OM founder George Verwer and field workers from many agencies range from literature publishing & distribution, to aid (particularly on the HIV/AIDS front), networking to bring people and projects with similar aims together to serve God in developing new businesses and helping to encourage local Christian leaders.


Pastor Terre Haas, A Pastor Serving Pastors

After planting and serving the same congregation for 23 years, Terre got a surprising new call from God in 2004: move from serving one local church to serving pastors and multiple churches. The substance of the call was the same: stir God’s people with the Scriptures so they might know Christ and make Him known among all the nations. But the scope was quite different.

Out of your Comfort Zones
Spending Your Life or Investing


Andrew Scott, Missions Mobilizer - Helping people connect to their purpose.

“Before we were created, God thought of how He would use us to fulfill His purposes, and then He made us accordingly. He not only made us for a purpose, He then gave us His Holy Spirit to enable us to live that purpose out for His Glory. My passion is to share this message.”

If you look you might be changed


Keith Haywood, Mobilizing the Body of Christ to Go Transform the World

The church is God’s primary instrument to take the message of salvation in Christ to the world. Organizations like OM are raised up by God to partner with the church in this great task. I, as a representative of the church that has sent me to work with OM, sense God’s calling on my life to help other churches understand their role and mobilize their members for mission, locally and globally.

Good News Acts Today


Joni, Experienced Frontier Missionary

Joni woke up to the sound of the imam’s call for ten years as she served in various countries where the Gospel is not welcome. Now she is the one sending out the call--the call for college students, church members, and conference attendees to “get out there” and take her place in these restricted areas.


Chip Kirk, International Minister

“I believe,” Chip says, “that the greatest hindrance to world missions and evangelism today is a lack of spiritual reality and authenticity in the lives of Christians, which leads to confusion, disillusionment, and complacency. I also believe that the greatest motivation for evangelism and world missions is for Christians to possess and embody a passionate, authentic, and holy love for Jesus Christ.”

Abiding in Christ: The Dummy's Guide to Christianity