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In hospitals, prisons, schools, and churches, we’re seeing hope restored as we work together to overcome the challenges of HIV & AIDS.

HIV moves along the fault lines of society, intersecting with multiple pillars of culture, including family, justice, and health. Catalytic Ministries engage with communities affected by HIV in multiple ways, including providing access to medical care, raising awareness of the dangers of HIV infection, mentoring families who’ve been affected by HIV, and training people in a Christian response.

Through partnerships with hospitals, prisons, schools, and churches, we’re seeing hope restored to individuals and communities as we work together to overcome the challenges of HIV and AIDS. Throughout our ministry, we aim to reflect Jesus, uphold individuals’ dignity and empower them, act with integrity, build community and remain relevant.

Channels of Hope
Available in both Russian and English, Channels of Hope for HIV Facilitator Training is an intensive program for people working with the vulnerable, marginalized, or those affected by HIV or AIDS. Participants are challenged in their thinking, come away with changed perceptions, gain the skills to present Channels of Hope workshops themselves, and have the ability to make a real difference in the HIV and AIDS pandemic.

Community-Based Programs
Teams reach out to local communities, showing the compassion of Christ to people living with or vulnerable to HIV. Programs vary from place to place but often include HIV prevention sessions in schools and prisons, workshops in churches to raise awareness, mentoring vulnerable children and youth, partnerships with local healthcare services, and support for individuals with HIV.

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