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North Macedonia

North Macedonia is a stunning country full of history and scenery, but it has lost the Christian beliefs that it once held strong

North Macedonia is rich in history, tradition and breathtaking natural beauty. However, the vast majority of the population does not know the basics of the Christian faith. 

The Macedonia province of the Bible covered a much larger region, including northern Greece, and is mentioned in the New Testament 28 times. Macedonia in the Bible was the first province to which Paul travelled from Asia when he visited Philippi, and where Lydia became Europe’s first believer in Christ. Now, Macedonia is at a crossroad. Its people are left without the testimony of God and the winds of secularism are blowing so strong that even the ruins of its once-spiritual tower are in danger of being destroyed.  

Many of the population belong to the Macedonian Orthodox Church, some are Muslim and there is a small number of Catholics as well. The number of Evangelical Christians is about 0.2 percent of the population.  

OM’s current ministries are focused on bringing hope to young people, students and families, as well as local church planting, discipleship training and web-based evangelism.  The OM team in Macedonia is comprised of workers from all over the world.  

Facts about North Macedonia
People Groups:
Macedonian, Albanian, Gorani, Aromanian, Meglenite
Percent Evangelical:
Parliamentary Republic
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