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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. However, it is the target of many Muslim and Confusion missionaries and Christianity is often mixed with indigenous religious practices.

OM-PNG was started with Papua New Guineans as a result of missionary exposure with OM Internationally in India, Pakistan, and on OM ships, Logos and Doulos.

In 1990, after 11 years of missionary burden sparked by the first visit of the Logos 1 in 1979 there was a growing awareness and interest among the Christians churches in PNG to reach the unreached.


OMPNG is an international interdenominational christian fellowship committed to partnership with PNG churches to help challenge, train and send PNGers to serve as missionaries in OM fields overseas.


  1. To encourage the PNG churches through mission awareness programmes to catch the vision of world missions.
  2. To train PNGers to serve in OM fields in the 10/40 window countries and the ships.
  3. To work in Partnership with the PNG churches to help gain a vision for missions and send out and support their missionaries.


We run a yearly orientation programme for new recruits for a month that covers introduction to world religions, culture, food, language, and OM values and ethos for people who want to join OM PNG and serve on the field.

We also take church meetings all year around and speak at camps, bible colleges and other groups as well.

Once a year we are involved with a mission conference run at Christian Leaders Training College for studenst and Pastors all over the nation. We use our returning missionaries to speak at these meetings.

Prayer. We are involved in praying for the world through the church. We send out prayer information to churches and individuals who are interested in countries God lays on their heart to pray for. We also share at meetings about praying for the world in the churches and other important prayer gatherings.


We are believing and trusting God for an OMPNG base that will accommodate both the office space and accommodation for our staff. Presently we are renting a property for office space and accommodation as well.


The office is run by a team of five people. We have a very small team and are praying for more locals to join the office to serve the ever growing interst of PNGers going on the mission field.


Our dream is that one day OMPNG will become the sending centre for missionaries from PNG to other nations.



Facts about Papua New Guinea
7,399,757 (July 2021 est.)
Tok Pisin (official), English (official), Hiri Motu (official), some 839 indigenous languages spoken (about 12% of the world's total); many languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers
Protestant 64.3% (Evangelical Lutheran 18.4%, Seventh Day Adventist 12.9%, Pentecostal 10.4%, United Church 10.3%, Evangelical Alliance 5.9%, Anglican 3.2%, Baptist 2.8%, Salvation Army .4%), Roman Catholic 26%, other Christian 5.3%, non-Christian 1.4%, unspecified 3.1% (2011 est.)
Economic overview
Papua New Guinea (PNG) is richly endowed with natural resources, but exploitation has been hampered by rugged terrain, land tenure issues, and the high cost of developing infrastructure.
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