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What to Expect When Applying Long-Term

We are excited about your interest in serving in a Long-Term capacity with OM. We want to welcome you to our process and help you navigate through it easily. As you can see, you have several resources available to you to help guide you in the decision-making process. You can explore our openings above by clicking on the Search Opportunities tab, or you can answer a few questions about your preferences and then receive feedback on our suggestions for you. If you scroll down a little, we have outlined our process to help you see how long each step of our process should take. Please review this section to help answer your questions about the time frames and details of our Long-Term Process.

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Look through our numerous long-term opportunities to see where God might have you serve.

Contact OM

1-2 Days

Once you find opportunties that interest you (or if you want to ask about unlisted opportunties), fill out this form and we'll get back you immediately.

Preliminary Application

1-2 Days

Please click on this link to begin the application process. After you fill out this Pre Application Form a Missions Coach will review your information and follow up with any questions; if there are no questions, they will send you a link to fill out the full Application.


1-4 Days

A Missions Coach will send you a link to fill out our full Application which will also include a background screen form and references. You may be asked to take a couple assessments online to help us guide you to the right field and position. These assessments are sent out after we receive the full Application, background screen and references checks back.

Review and Contact

1-2 Weeks

Now that all your information has been submitted, a Select Specialist will review your information in detail, and contact you to discuss your background, experience and placement options.

OM Interview

Typically 1-2 Hours

We will set up and conduct an interview with you.

Field Interview

Typically 1-2 Hours

After submitting all the collected information to the field where you look to serve, the field representatives will conduct an interview with you.


Typically 1-2 Weeks

OM will now make the final decision and inform you of the your next steps in the process. If Accepted you will be assigned a Send Specialist who will guide you and help prepare you over the next several months.

Raise Support

Typically Months

We work with a third party company that specializes in Support Raising in a missions environment. They, along with your Send Specialist, will have you fill out a survey about your specific needs. Once filled out, an advisor from the third party company will be assigned to you to provide training and weekly coaching.


Training and Conferences

You've begun your journey! Start with Quarry training at OM headquarters, followed by the attending our Go Conference, then it's away to the field!

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