Costa Rica

Short-term Coordinator

Do you like to work with people and encourage them to work for God? OM Costa Rica is looking for someone to coordinate short term mission trips, church teams and Mission outreaches in Costa Rica, such as medical brigades, practical work and children’s ministry amongst the indigenous communities and ministry in general.


The team would like to welcome an enthusiastic Christian with a flexible mentality and willingness to work with different kinds of people, involving the local volunteers and other short term groups from outside Costa Rica, which will require good communication with OM offices from around the world to recruit and promote events.

- Have a strong relationship with Jesus.
- Being self-motivated, punctual, creative and a good team player.
- Somebody with a positive attitude with endurance and patience.
- Willingness to travel in rural areas.
- Ability to setup new ministry programs and with good administrations and organizational skills.
- Speaking Spanish or has a least mid-level of Spanish and/or willingness to continue to learn the language. Also preferably speaking English.
- Willing to work with local churches, pastors and leaders.
- Understanding of Western and Latin culture.
- Work under pressure.
- Good approach to mentor and lead foreign young people, as well as local volunteers.
- Apply creative evangelism, like going to the streets, working with homeless, children, or young people; as well as planning adventurous ministry to make a good use of the country´s touristic and tropical parts.

Start Date

As soon as possible

Commitment Length

As long as possible

All jobs/opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

Photos from Costa Rica

Stories from Costa Rica

Abgeschnitten von der Gemeinschaft

Die Beschränkungen des Coronavirus schneiden Eingeborenen-Gemeinschaften von Städten ab und hindern das OM-Team daran, zu ihrem zweiten Einsatzort zu reisen.

Aislados de la comunidad

Las restricciones del coronavirus han aislado a las comunidades indígenas de la ciudad y evitan que el equipo de OM pueda viajar a su segunda base ministerial.

Cut off from community

Coronavirus restrictions cut off indigenous communities from the city and prevent the OM team from travelling to their second ministry base.

En las calles

Miembros de la tripulación del Logos Hope describen su experiencia compartiendo el amor de Dios en las calles de Latinoamérica.

To the streets

Crewmembers from Logos Hope describe what it’s like to share God’s love with those they meet on the streets of Latin America.

Valió la pena lanzarse al vacío

Josué lo tenía todo: un buen trabajo, una casa amueblada y su propia motocicleta. Y entonces Dios le pidió que lo dejara todo y que confiase en Él.