School of Missions and Cross-Cultural Studies

This is an intensive training & mentoring program to equip Christian men and women for missions, providing spiritual discipline, cross-cultural intelligence, and practical tools to prepare you to live and serve effectively in a cross-cultural environment, in order to contribute to teams world-wide.


The program includes
- 5 weeks of Intensive Missionary & Cross Cultural Teaching
- 4 weeks of Practical Training/Outreach living and serving in different rural settings.
- 1 week of debriefing and retreat dealing with damaged emotions. 

We are looking for:
- Christians who have a call for missions.
- 18 years old or more
- Flexible, adaptable and willing to learn
- Have a good level of spoken Spanish or would like to come in advance and learn the language.

Start Date

As soon as possible

Commitment Length

6-12 months

All jobs/opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

Photos from Ecuador

Stories from Ecuador

To the streets

Crewmembers from Logos Hope describe what it’s like to share God’s love with those they meet on the streets of Latin America.

Für Leib und Seele sorgen

Guayaquil, Ecuador :: Mitarbeiter von der Logos Hope schulen Kinder zu Hygiene und erzählen ihnen von Gottes Liebe

Caring for body and soul

Guayaquil, Ecuador :: Volunteers from Logos Hope give children hygiene training and tell them about God's love.

Weihnachten auf der ganzen Welt

Guayaquil, Ecuador :: Ein Team von der Logos Hope besuchte die Universität ESPOL und präsentiert dort ein kulturelles Programm zum Thema Weihnachten

Christmas around the world

Guayaquil, Ecuador :: A team of Logos Hope's crewmembers visits a university for a Christmas themed cultural presentation.

An Weihnachten geht es um Jesus

Guayaquil, Ecuador :: Bei einer Talentshow kommt die Mannschaft der Logos Hope an Heiligabend mit der Bevölkerung in Kontakt und zeigt ihnen, dass Jesus sie liebt