Church Planter

OM Russia began working in the Caucasus Mountains, aiming to plant churches among the least-reached peoples in that region. This is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse regions in the world with 50 ethnic groups speaking totally unrelated languages. Because of this diversity and because of the prominence of Islam, it is also one of the least-reached regions in the world. Come and join OM Russia to serve with a local church plant.


More church planters are needed to be part of church-planting teams, working together with other missionaries and local believers to build and strengthen the Church. OM has already developed a strong name in the region among various churches and evangelical movements. As we run training and support local evangelistic projects, we network with others in the area seeking to bring the name of Jesus to those who haven't heard about him. Being a culturally diverse area, the Caucasus require church planters who are willing to adapt and be contextually sensitive, while also focusing on discipleship movements. Without contextual, Jesus-honoring multiplication, we won't see this region reached in our lifetimes.

You will need:
- A pioneering spirit.
- Understanding/experience of church planting.
- Willingness to learn, not only a language (humility, flexibility).
- A love for people and sharing the Gospel with them.
- Positive attitude to making new contacts with people.
- Patience and endurance when results might not always directly be visible.
- Pro-activeness: not afraid to start new activities and try-out different ways to reach and disciple people.
- Ability to work in a team.
-  Experience in evangelism and/or discipleship.
- Special skills welcomed.

Start Date

As soon as possible

Commitment Length

As long as possible

All jobs/opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

Photos from Russia

Stories from Russia



A promising start

Through people like Arayk, locals have started to listen to God's word and are responding to it in a small town.

A beacon of light for kids and teens

Children's club at the church in Tkvarcheli, which is held by MDT students, impacts lives of local children and gives them hope.

“¿Es cierto que Jesús es Dios?”, preguntaron los niños

El campamento de niños de grupos no alcanzados de Rusia este verano estuvo enfocado en compartir la verdad con personas cuyas creencias espirituales varían desde el budismo hasta el chamanismo, y todo lo que está entremedio. En conexión con una iglesia local, el equipo de OM vio milagros de Dios en acción, y también la gran necesidad de su amor y su luz.

Showing God's love

Despite not openly being allowed to speak about Jesus, an outreach team finds ways to be instruments in God's hands.

Der Start einer dynamischen Gemeinde

OM hat in Zusammenarbeit mit einer Ortsgemeinde Gläubige geschickt, um in einem Dorf zu dienen, in dem unerreichte Volksgruppen leben. Nach kurzer Zeit übergaben einige Einheimische ihr Leben Jesus. Jetzt wurde eine dynamische Gemeinde dort gegründet.