Videography Coach - Global Story Team

How can a videographer serve the Lord? Join OM and see!  As Videography Coach on our Global Story Team, you can oversee and maintain the network of videographers in OM. Use your skills and coaching ability to invest in OM’s videographers, helping them develop in their production skills, while upholding the OM brand standards as it relates to visual storytelling. You can also oversee the creation of videos made to meet global campaign needs. Your experience can make an impact.


•Maintain the network of videographers across the organisation.
•Provide training opportunities to videographers, helping them to understand what training is available to them either within or outside of OM.
•Maintain the standards and guidelines of video production for the organisation, including ethical and copyright standards.
•Make sure that every OM videographer is aware of the standards and expectations.
•Be available to OM videographers before content-gathering trips to ensure that they understand the objectives, the story, the shot list, logistics, etc.
•Give advice and inspire creative direction in pre- and post-video production process.
•Provide feedback to videographers on style and content, based on feedback from resourcing offices or OM standards.
•Understand OM’s brand as it relates to visual storytelling.
•Help videographers understand how best to operate according to the OM brand.
•Work with the video producers to make sure the brand messaging and goals are met in each video.
•See that the video network has what they need in terms of personnel, workflow, structure and expectations to complete projects according to the brief and deadline.
•Touch base regularly with those in the video network.

•At least 5 years of video production experience preferred, management and/or leadership experience preferred, willingness to work virtually required
•OM staff secure their own funding by private donations.

Start Date

As soon as possible

Commitment Length

2-3 Years

All jobs/opportunities on this site are unsalaried. Most people joining OM have to raise financial support to cover their living expenses, usually through gifts from home churches and other supporters.

Photos from International

Stories from International

Paquetes de higiene y palabras de esperanza

Jane entrega paquetes de higiene a una comunidad vulnerable antes de un cierre en todo el país y da seguimiento telefónico a las personas.

Extintores de temor

En lugar de pedir comida para llevar, Craig entra a las tiendas y restaurantes para "llevarse" el temor orando por las personas durante la pandemia del coronavirus.

Hygiene packs and words of hope

Jane delivers hygiene packs to a vulnerable community ahead of a country-wide shut-down and follows up with people over the phone.

Fear extinguishers

Instead of ordering food to pick up, Craig enters shops and restaurants to 'take away' fear by praying for people during the coronavirus pandemic.

We are not inspired by a virus

The work we do for with those infected or affected by HIV was not inspired by a virus, but by Jesus Christ and His love for the vulnerable. The world is now dealing with another virus.

La fuerza para vencer

Durante la Pascua, miembros del equipo hacen alcances especiales para mujeres en la zona roja y van sabiendo que el conocimiento de que Jesús está con ellos, y que Su poder de resurrección da esperanza, fuerza y vida.