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What to Expect When Applying Short-Term

We are excited about your interest in serving Short-Term with OM. Our goal is to help you navigate through our process easily.
Explore our exciting Short-Term options by clicking on Search Short-Term Opportunities above. Have some questions? Continue reading or complete the form above and a Mission Coach will contact you. Again, thanks for visiting and trusting us to assist you on your journey!

Choice & Application

30 minutes

Start an application online by finding a trip that interests you. From there, you can reach out to one of our Missions Coaches by filling out the short form below and you will receive an email to begin discussing your interests. Or, if you are set on an opportunity, you may submit an actual application right away.


2-3 Days

After submitting an application (either by yourself or after talking to a Missions Coach), we will be in constant contact with you to make sure all necessary information is exchanged (like references).

Review & Acceptance

Typically 1-2 Weeks

Once all information is received, the application is passed to a Short Term Specialist to give one final review and obtain field acceptance.

Raise Support and Go

Typically 3-4 Weeks

Our Short Term Specialist will assist you with information to prepare you for the work in field. We will also help you track your support!