United States

Freedom Climb expands to Freedom Challenge in US

October 22, 2015

The Freedom Climb, an initiative of OM, has created an international movement of passionate women who have climbed mountains to raise awareness, prayers and funds to bring freedom from oppression and modern-day slavery to women and children around the world.

To date, the movement has raised over $3 million USD, and built a community of thousands of participants and partners.

In an effort to include more women in the movement, The Freedom Climb is expanding to The Freedom Challenge in the US.

“Over and over, we have heard that many who would like to get involved, are unable, for various reasons, to climb mountains. We have heard them and their passion to help,” said The Freedom Climb USA Director Tina Yeager.

“We have also heard the hearts of our climbers. They do not want to lose the life-changing experiences of what God is doing on the climbs. We will continue to do climbs. They will continue to be some of our signature events.”

The vision of the Freedom Challenge is to see one million oppressed women and children set on a path to freedom over the next 10 years by supporting OM projects that bring transformation, focused on women and children in the most at-risk communities.

Projects supported by the Freedom Challenge include those that prevent at-risk women and children from being trafficked, help them overcome poverty and thus make them and their children less vulnerable to exploitation, and rescue and restore victims of trafficking and oppression, providing physical healing, trauma counseling and life-skills training.  

“Our goal is to engage hundreds of thousands of Americans in more participation at the local, national and international levels. We want them to participate in physical challenges that test their limits, while raising funds and awareness to combat these dark, social injustices and set women and children on the pathway to freedom.”

To learn about getting involved in The Freedom Challenge through prayer, partnership or joining a challenge, visit www.TheFreedomChallenge.com or email info@thefreedomchallenge.com.