Inspiro Arts Alliance: Worship Training Philippines

June 17 - June 27, 2021 (Apply by March 19)

This project has two goals. First, a goal is to train Youth with a Mission (YWAM) staff members in foundational concepts in worship and arts and equip them with arts and trauma healing principles. Second, a goal is to do an ethnoarts workshop with rural pastors without easy access to training resources.As an Inspiro Arts Alliance team, participants will facilitate two workshops to encourage cultural expressions of worship. During the first workshop, the team will provide five days of training in three areas: foundational concepts in worship, arts, and culture, principles of ethnoarts in worship, Bible stories, and community development, and arts and trauma healing principles. Then, the team will travel to a new location to facilitate a three-day ethnoarts workshop, facilitating the creation of culturally-relevant, biblically-accurate expressions of worship.

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Ages 18 - 79   ·   $1055
Ministry Details

The team will lead approximately thirty YWAM staff from two Filipino locations in a five-day workshop. Each day, the team will provide some basic instruction in worship, arts, and culture. Then, the team will facilitate the creation of cultural-relevant artistic expressions for use in corporate worship, telling Bible stories, and community development. Finally, the team will provide some basic tools in arts and trauma healing that staff members can use in their ministry. The timeframe is short, so the focus will be on practical tools and tips.

After the first workshop, the team will travel to Surigao to work with rural pastors. The team will conduct a three-day ethnoarts workshop, encouraging the pastors in how they can use indigenous arts in worship and witness.

During both workshops, the team will document any new artistic expressions through audio/video recordings and photography.

Participant Profile

- Leader-in-training: Applicant should be at least 21 years of age with previous cross-cultural experience and a background in the arts.
- Arts in Trauma Healing Specialist: Applicant should be able to teach YWAM staff simple techniques for using the arts with others processing trauma.
- Ethnoarts Specialist: Applicant should have experience facilitating ethnoarts workshops. Academic training in ethnoarts is encouraged but not required.
- Dancers, musicians, artists, actors: Applicants should be experienced in their field and willing to learn and encourage local, indigenous expressions of worship.
- Media specialist: Applicant should have experience producing simple recordings and videos. Applicant will need to bring his/her own equipment.
- Photojournalist/journalist: Applicant should have experience in photography and writing to document the trip for publication. Applicant will need to bring his/her own equipment.
- Intercessor: Applicant should have a passion for prayer.


Participants will stay in hotels.


Participants will eat in host homes, hotels, and local restaurants. Please advise of dietary needs and restrictions.


Team will fly into Manila and then take a local flight to Butuan. The host will meet the team at the airport in Butuan. After one week, the team will travel as a team by van to Surigao, a 2 ½ hour trip.

How to Find Us

Please See "Travel".


Please advise of any health concerns. Overall good health is necessary for this trip.


Please refer to for visa requirements. Those from the USA can be in the Philippines for 21 days free of a visa. Requirements for other nationalities vary.


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