Olympic Outreach

March 29 - August 17, 2021 (Apply by December 29)

Use the Olympic and Paralympic opportunity to share the gospel with the lost.Olympic Festival and Paralympic Festival
Sharing the gospel with the lost
Children Vacation Bible School
Play simple sports with children
Sharing salvation testimony
Supporting local missionaries and believers

Available for:   Singles   Couples   Groups 

Ages 18 - 60   ·   $1000
Ministry Details

We are going to be involved in Olympic and Paralympic outreaches all over Japan. Following are some big events on the North West of Japan. It would be great if you can time your mission team to come on the following dates. We can plan additional outreaches to maximize the mission team’s spiritual gifts.

June 11th-12th Preparation for Olympic Festival

June 13th and 14th Olympic Festival

July 23rd Preparation for Olympic Festival

July 24th , 25th, and 26th Olympic Festival

July 28th Vacation Bible School

August 4th –7th Youth Camp

August 20th-21st Preparation of Olympic Festival

August 22nd Olympic Festival

August 27th-28th Preparation for Paralympic Festival

August 29th – 30th Paralympic Festival

Participant Profile

We are looking for people who love Jesus. We are looking for people who are passionate to serve. The participants don’t have to be able to speak Japanese. It would be great if the participants can learn some short phrases in Japanese so they can immediately build some relationship with people who will come to the festivals.

**please be flexible, schedule might change due to outreach country's circumstance.


Simple accommodation


You will be eating local Japanese Food. Special dietary needs have to be communicated in advance.


Please arrange your flights to Komatsu airport.

It would be good to have at least one person who has an international drivers license. The church can provide an 8 seater vehicle for the team’s duration in Japan.

Airport pick-up will be arranged on the arrival day. Transportation will be provided from the church to the airport on the departure day.

**Please let us know your flight details before you purchase your tickets. We want to make sure we can come and pick you up at the airport.

How to Find Us

Please See "Travel".


You should be in average good health, and be responsible to obtain appropriate emergency health, medical, and travel insurance


Only a TOURIST visa is required.

Japan visa: Please apply for 'Holiday or Stopover/transit' visa, and purpose of visit is to experience Japanese culture and visiting people. Japan now has a visa exemption relationship with many countries, please check on the website - http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/short/novisa.html


The cost is 800 USD per week. You can choose the length of your stay, it can be from 10 days to 20 days between this period. Please contact us about 2-4 months before to finalize the mission trip to Japan

All prices do not include airfare