Love Albania: Reaching Roma (2)

July 23 - August 2, 2021 (Apply by April 24)

Join our Roma/Gypsy ministry team and reach out to new families and kids in the Roma community of Vlore this summer!This mission opportunity will partner with our Roma/Gypsy ministry team which has just begun in the city of Vlore. You will be helping them to organise a children's program as well as visiting the houses of locals in order to help strengthen and build relationships with the community in this new place.

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Ages -   ·   $725
Ministry Details

During the children's program you will be organising and running the story, games, and craft to teach and have fun with the children. This community of people often don't get any kindness from others in their city and we want to bring the love of Jesus to them. You will also be accompanying the OMers on house visits to Roma/gypsy families to minister to them and to build relationships and see the way that they live.

Participant Profile

We welcome those who have faith in Jesus, who are flexible, considerate of others and with servant hearts. Participants need to speak English moderately well, as that is the language we will be using within the group.


You will stay in Vlore in the church or the houses of locals and OMers.


All meals are provided. Please notify us if you have any dietary restrictions. 


Participants need to book and pay for their own travel to Albania and flight back home. Flight costs are not included.

How to Find Us

Please See "Travel".


Each participant is encouraged to have their own travel insurance and must notify us of any dietary or medical conditions so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Please check if any vaccinations are needed.


Please check if your country requires a tourist visa. This site can be a helpful start


If coming as a group it is ideal to have at least 2 males for work among this people group, giving the opportunity to reach the whole family instead of just the ladies.
Price is approximate, this will be updated to an accurate cost as soon as possible.

All prices do not include airfare