Who is OM?


For more than 60 years, Operation Mobilization has partnered with friends like you to work around the world, motivating and equipping Jesus followers to share God’s love.


Today, 5,000+ people serve with OM in more than 110 countries. You can come alongside this mix of traditional missionaries, marketplace professionals, artists, pastors, teachers and others to share the hope of the gospel.

Where OM works
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We have a biblical approach.


Our approach is built on the foundation laid by the original 12 disciples. To continue what Jesus began. To go into the world, boldly sharing the gospel, which has the power to change everything. And to point the way to Jesus as the ultimate source of Hope and Truth.


First, your support can help meet immediate needs such as food, medical care, vocational training and support for microbusinesses. Then, you’ll make an eternal impact by building authentic Christian Communities through love, discipleship and Bibles to spread God’s Word. This helps mobilize more believers faster, creating a holy ripple effect that reaches into previously untouched areas of the world.

We are all created in God’s image.

And when you serve in love, you reflect our Creator.


Today you can be part of a holy ambition: growing vibrant communities of Jesus folllowers where believers live out the gospel with a holistic view of life.


You can make an eternal impact by sharing God’s Word where it’s needed most — delivering food packages, strengthening faith through Bibles and resources, providing support for microbusinesses and giving opportunities for families and communities to flourish.


You are divinely created for — and therefore called to — God’s Kingdom purposes. God has a role for you to play. How is He leading you today?

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Be part of a Holy Ambition.

The gospel changes everything. It transforms lives both physically and spiritually.

Through personal relationships and a bold gospel approach, we share God’s love in places where many don’t even know a Jesus follower. This is our Holy Ambition — to reach the unreached with the hope, peace, grace and love that only Jesus can provide.

You have a critical role to play. Please give generously today to bring Jesus within reach of everyone!

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