Does teaching bring you joy? Work alongside us and witness education as a tool to empower and change not just individual lives, but also communities around the world.
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Preschool Teaching Internship in Western Asia

Western Asia offers a rich cultural history where you can test out your teaching skills and learn from experienced educators. As you observe, assist in our classrooms, and show love and care for our students, you will have opportunities to be a light and make a difference in the lives of the next generation of this incredible yet needy country. Our Preschool exists to provide holistic, bilingual education from a Word focused worldview that demonstrates the Son’s love to students from both believing and unbelieving families in Western Asia.

Arabian Peninsula
Virtual Educator Equipping Internship

This Education Internship offers a unique opportunity for those wanting to experience transformational teaching tools for intercultural classrooms. We are seeking to invest in aspiring educators who have a passion for global education and mission-minded teaching. We provide the chance for participants to grow in their intercultural communications skills, and gain exposure to missions on the teaching front – all while working from home! Interns will be part of a small team of other like-minded educators and experience learning together.

Atlanta Ga region
Multicultural Ministry in Clarkston, Georgia

Often called America’s most diverse square mile, the small town of Clarkston has received over 60,000 refugees since the 1970s. OM supports the work in Clarkston through partnership with Envision Atlanta, an organization devoted to cultivating relationships with the people of Clarkston and engaging the 90 unreached people groups in the area. Envision Atlanta strives to engage Clarkston locals through teaching English, organizing children and family programs, developing sustainable and empowering business models, planting house churches, partnering with local Christian medical professionals, tutoring various levels of education, and developing a fully-functioning, self-sustainable goat and camel farm.

Czech Republic
TESL Internship in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a rich Christian heritage, but today it is very secular and atheistic. Come and join us in beautiful South Bohemia – gain valuable experience teaching and serving in an area where most people have no opportunities to hear the Gospel. This relationship-building would help to support a new church planting initiative in the historical town of České Budějovice.

Custom Internship

OM works in over 110 countries and partners with like-minded organizations, so we are always finding new opportunities to fit candidates. To begin the process of hand-crafting an internship just for you, fill out an application here.

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