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Carpentry – Assistant Manager
Overall goal In order to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached in Laos we need to mobilize a generation of believers ready to share the Good News. Our role is to raise up vibrant followers of Jesus, model a vibrant community of Jesus followers within our teams, businesses and outreach ministries, and then send them out.

The carpentry and metalwork shop is part of our discipleship program.  Our goal is to provide a place for young people to work and grow in their faith.  A sustainable business helps us to have an active role in the community and helps to support the program financially.

Accountable to Discipleship Leader or Leadership Team

Responsible for Carpentry Employees

1. Safe, Positive Work Environment
Promote a healthy team environment, by investing in people in order to ensure growth in their personnel, social, spiritual and professional lives
Core activities
a. Maintain and safe working environment at all times.  This includes maintaining equipment, providing safety equipment, and training employees in safe use of tools.
b. Organize work and projects in a clear manner so that orders are finished on time with good quality.
c. Train employees in the skills needed to perform their jobs and provide opportunities to improve or learn new skills.
d. Give regular feedback to employees on what they do well and how they can improve.

2. Discipleship of Local Believers
Model and teach local believers that serving God is not limited to church activities, but is part of every aspect of life.
Core activities
a. Show by your own example that the work you do is for the glory of God.
b. Know the staff well and engage with them regularly through conversation and time spent together to encourage them in their faith.
c. Include regular times of prayer and Bible study in the weekly schedule.
d. Take part in the discipleship program activities.
3. Financial Sustainability
In order to ensure that there are enough funds for all business activities and to keep accountability with the international organization.  While the business may not be financially sustainable yet, it should be on a path to become self-sustaining.
Core activities
a. Oversee marketing and customer service to ensure that there is enough work and income for all business activities, salaries, and rent.
b. Maintain financial records in accordance with OM accounting policies.  Ideally accounts should be updated weekly, but each month must be completed by the 10th of the following month.  This can be delegated to another staff or team member, but the Business Manager is responsible for knowing the financial health of the business at all times.
4. Managing the workshop
Work with employees to help them develop a work ethic and skills that they can use throughout their lives to support themselves financially.
Core activities
a. Work with the team to design each product, making sure that everyone understands what needs to be done
b. Divide work for each team member according to their skills and abilities
c. Ensure that all projects are completed on time and with high quality.

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