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Technical and Practical Skills
Doulos Hope: Navigational Officer of the Watch

The Doulos Hope is about to set sail on a new journey to bring knowledge, help and hope around the world!  We are in need of navigational watch officers to join our team!

Join our international team of around 150 people from many different nationalities. You will have the opportunity to invest in young people and use your technical skills to keep a life-changing ministry operating. Being part of the on board community, you will also receive personal input through daily team devotions and other ship events as well as the opportunity to experience the culture of the international crew and staff and the countries the ship visits.


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Pay Structure
Raising Support
Commitment Length
6-12 months
Information & Requirements

The Navigational Officer is responsible to the Master for:

  • Conducting an efficient navigational watch at sea for 8 hours per day and duty watches in port.
  • Whilst on port duties, ensuring that the moorings and gangways are frequently checked, especially in ports with strong tides and high tidal ranges. One shall also check that the vessel’s courtesy flags are always in position correctly.
  • Participating in emergency drills, including Fire and Abandon Ship Drills, and fulfilling their particular duties in accordance to instructions on the Muster List.
  • Fulfilling their assigned duties in relation to the vessel’s SMS and the requirements of the SOPM.
  • In port, working under the leadership of the Chief Mate in the fulfilment of the Deck Department’s responsibilities towards maintaining the vessel in accordance with the planned maintenance program.
  • Participating in the testing of all navigational equipment, steering gear, bridge controls and telegraph, communications equipment and whistle prior to the vessel leaving port.
  • Participating in all training activities given for the benefit of new crewmembers and volunteer recruits. Such training shall emphasize all safety matters, fire fighting, the saving of life, the prevention of pollution and the Company’s SEP. Specific training shall also be given to new crew members joining the Deck Department to prepare them for the daily work within the department.
  • As necessary, completing the various checks indicated on the sailing and arrival checklists.
  • Uncovering all lifeboats prior to departure and covering them again on arrival in port as well as check the lifeboat batteries.
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