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Technical and Practical Skills
Logos Hope: First Engineer, Main Engine

Join our international team of 400 people from 50 different nationalities. Have the opportunity to invest in young people and use your technical skills to keep a life-changing ministry operating. Being part of the on board community you will also receive personal input through daily team devotions and other ship events as well as the opportunity to experience the culture of the international crew and staff and the countries the ship visits.

We are looking for qualified First Engineers to join the MV Logos Hope to help keep the ship running.  Your skills are invaluable and highly needed on the ship.  You can help make a difference is missions by using your skillset as an engineer.

Pay Structure
Support Raising
Commitment Length
1-2 Years
Information & Requirements

Job Content:  Working with the Engine Team on board you will be responsible for:
•Ensuring the proper maintenance of Main Engines and auxiliaries in order that the equipment keeps working and is up to the required standard
•Support the First Engineer Operations and Marine Operations team on board in order to help ensure a balanced workload

Job Requirement:
•You are able to communicate in English
•Valid Certificate of Competency (STCW Reg III/2)
•Valid Seafarer’s Medical Certificate in compliance with ILO/IMO Guidelines
•Crisis Management & Human Behavior (STCW Reg V/2)
•Basic Safety Training (STCW Reg VI/1)
•Proficiency in Survival Crafts & Rescue Boats other than fast rescue boats (STCW Reg VI/2)
•Advanced Fire Fighting (STCW Reg VI/3)
•Medical First Aid (STCW Reg VI/4)
•Security Training for seafarers with designated security duties (STCW Reg VI/6)
•You will have the technical knowledge and ability to fulfil the requirements of the job description as found in the company’s SMS, accountable to the Chief Engineer.
•Ability to effectively set and manage priorities.
•You can lead by example, encouraging and training the engineering officers and ratings who report to you.

All certificates should have been revalidated within the last 5 years

(PLEASE NOTE: If you have not served with OM Ships before, you may be required to sign on at a lower rank or supernumerary for a period of time, before taking up the position of First Engineer).

On the job training will be provided as needed.

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