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Caring for people
People Care Specialist

To provide spiritual and emotional care to global workers encouraging resiliency that contributes to building a vibrant community amongst our teams worldwide.

United States
Pay Structure
Information & Requirements


  1. Connect and engage with all assigned field workers on a quarterly basis (at a minimum)
  2. Participate in co-leading debriefings as requested by field personnel
  3. Respond to field personnel needs as requested by either field workers or field leaders.


  • Must be self-motivated and take initiative with all field workers assigned to the PC Specialist.
  • Responsible for identifying and participating in two trainings a year (minimum) such as debriefing, listening, counseling, etc.
  • Respond to all newsletters received by field personnel both via email and in prayer.
  • Provide feedback in the placement structure as to the health of fields experienced by Americans.
  • Field visits to assess and encourage individuals and teams in their own environment.
  • Connecting global workers with appropriate resources. Provide coaching and on-going support for workers in transition.


  • Self-motivation and prioritization of field connections.
  • Reading and responding to newsletters, emails, calls, etc. upon receiving them.
  • Setting up times to meet (via teams, zoom, etc.) with field personnel as needed.
  • Researching tools and highlighting best practices to be used in debriefings and consultations.
  • Participate in all OM USA virtual/onsite team events to assess mental health status of team, both individually and as a whole.
  • Respond to field emergencies as needed and directed by field representatives and People Care Director.
  • Cultivate relationships with other People Care providers both inside and outside of OM.
  • Introduce transition specialist into the process when field workers either leave OM or desire to transition to another field.
  • Provide help and resources during a field workers furlough/home assignment.
  • Participate in GO Conference as assigned by supervisor.
  • Participate in pre-field training/onboarding as requested by the Human Resources department.
  • Shadow team lead in the event of a field crisis.
  • Be available to provide peer to peer help within the People Care department.


  • BA in Psychology, Sociology, Social Work or Counseling (or equivalent field experience)
  • Minimum of one year cross-cultural living
  • Proficient use of MS office suite and virtual technology (teams, zoom, etc. )
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