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Do you have a passion to see new churches planted in and around Croatia’s capital city of Zagreb? Do you have a heart to come beside the local church, esteeming, training and equipping them to bring the good news to the lost in creative ways through social media?

OM Croatia is looking for a talented animator/creator who can produce high quality videos and social media content and train the local church to do the same.

Located in Southeast Europe near the top of the area known as the Balkan Peninsula, Croatia is a beautiful country of approximately four million people, well known by tourists in Europe and around the globe.

Having a majority population of professing Catholics comprising over 85% of the total population, and a professing Protestant population of less than .5% of the total population, it seems clear that Croatia was never significantly impacted by the Protestant Reformation. During the time of communism, Croatia was thought to be the center of theological study amongst the Eastern European countries. In present day however, it’s estimated that there are fewer than 5000 Protestant Christians attending local church services on Sunday. Furthermore, it’s estimated that there is only one church per 20,000 people. The Croatian Protestant Church has worked hard over the years to maintain and grow, however church membership has declined.

OM Croatia places great value in working beside the local church. Recently, a local church that the OM Croatia team works with, started an urban mission center called the ‘House of Hope’, situated in a former communist police station. The ‘House of Hope’ is a community center for local Croatians, where the desire is ultimately to share the love of Jesus and facilitate the birth and growth of vibrant communities of Jesus followers.

As the new generation of Croatians modernizes, OM Croatia are seeking to utilize social media creation to develop modern, but culturally relevant ways to work alongside the local church in reaching the lost.


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Pay Structure
Full Time; Support Raising
Commitment Length
As long as possible
Information & Requirements

Specifically, OM Croatia is seeking a person who feels called to work with social media, is flexible, creative and willing to work in sometimes less-than-ideal conditions, has the ability to respect local culture, and has a desire to see new churches planted. OM Croatia needs a person who is able to humbly work as part of a church planting team, is practical, organized and hands-on, has the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, is adaptable and not easily flustered by unexpected changes, has the ability to communicate in a clear but gentle way, and is passionate about the gospel but mindful about appropriate ways to share. Come with a willingness to work alongside the local church and build lasting relationships with the community around you.

• Heart for the lost
• Experience with animation/media creation and applicable software
• Ability to shoot and edit video
• Ability to work on a team
• Willingness to learn the local Croatian language (included as part of work hours)
• Willingness to take part in the wider activities of the OM Croatia team as opportunities and needs arise
• Passion to share the gospel and see new desire to be a part of planting new churches
• Driver’s license is helpful, though not essential

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