People Care

We know that God values people. We value people too. Talent, experience and creativity characterize those we are privileged to serve and work alongside. That is why you will find us being intentional about investing resources to equip, train and develop the people we send out to foreign fields of service. From establishing relationships during pre-field training, to providing on-going support for workers in their field of service, to assisting with the transition that comes with re-entry, we believe that the great commission is best supported by people who obey the great command to “love one another as I have loved you” (John 13:35)

We practice the following five areas of care to address the anticipated needs of a cross-cultural worker throughout their entire life-cycle of ministry:


Master Care

Giving priority to our relationship with God and allowing Him to care for us

Self-Care/Mutual Care

Personal responsibility to care for our own well-being, as well as caring for the needs of locals and our team members

Sender Care

Our church & OM USA working together to support us: pre-field, on the field and upon re-entry

Specialist Care

Pastoral care, medical care, training, team building, counseling & career advice

Network Care We join with other international Member Care networks to provide the best care for our workers


We know that faithfully following God's call will bring transformation both in and through our people. It is part of what we are experiencing right alongside them and we want to equip cross cultural workers to anticipate their needs and help them find every available resource to meet them. So when our missionaries need something, they call us. We are here to help them be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy.