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Our Mission, Together

Jesus entrusts us, His followers, to share His truth and love with a world in need. This is more achievable today than ever before, but today’s challenges demand a drastically different approach.

Fortunately, creativity and innovation are central to who we are. OM has constantly adapted to better reach our ever-changing world for more than 60 years.

Together, let’s take the Gospel further, faster.

Different By Design

Western missions has traditionally focused on one method: believers leaving their jobs, going abroad to work in ministry and relying on those back home for financial support. Where this approach once saw millions come to know Jesus, it can no longer keep pace with the rapidly changing global landscape and the growing population of unreached people.

OM has realigned everything it does around a new missions movement designed for today’s reality. This approach mobilizes many more believers -- faster than ever before -- using three unique channels:

MARKETPLACE WORKERS Believers taking their professions to live among the least reached.

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God made each of us with certain interests, abilities and passions, and our work is one of the ways He reveals Himself to the world and blesses it.

That is why OM inspires, equips and prepares Christian professionals—from doctors and domestic workers to engineers and hairstylists—to use their skills and experience to pursue work in foreign countries, and intentionally live out the Gospel as they go about life in their new home.

Not only does this dramatically increase the number of workers who can go by providing a means of sustainable income, this approach provides legitimate access to many countries closed to traditional missionary activity.

No longer do Jesus followers have to choose between work and missions.

Through the work of Scatter Global, OM helps Christians use their unique skills and talents to share the Good News of Jesus with the least reached. VISIT SCATTER GLOBAL

NATIONAL WORKERS Locals equipped to serve where they already live.

How This Works

The classic, long-held image of missions is that of a westerner taking the Gospel abroad and sharing face-to-face with people in a foreign land. Over the last several centuries, many have followed this path, sacrificing greatly—sometimes their very lives—in obedient compliance with the Great Commission.

As we celebrate these efforts and praise God for millions coming to know Jesus through this approach, we also recognize its numerous inherent challenges… Local language and culture take years or decades to learn… Foreign workers can be perceived as inauthentic or out-of-place, and are often met with fear and suspicion.

Oftentimes, the people best positioned to share the truth of the Gospel are local believers with traits, backgrounds and life experiences similar to those they strive to reach. National workers have deep ties to the culture and those living around them, giving them a unique platform to share the love of Jesus.

With the right tools and training, local believers share and disciple new believers, who in turn are prepared to be sent out to other nearby communities and across their countries and regions. This is where multiplication really takes off.

CROSS-CULTURAL WORKERS Long- and short-term workers serving in traditional and nontraditional ways.

Let's Explore

For those with a heart for adventure and the desire to serve in a foreign context, many important roles in the 21st-century missions movement are beckoning. But most look a little different than the traditional image of “going on mission.”

Coming alongside local workers with training and support can help the Gospel go further, faster while allowing cross-cultural workers to better use their unique gifting, education and professional skills.

For example, for an accountant from the West, being a street evangelist or planting a church in a foreign land where they look, sound and act very differently from the locals may be extremely difficult. However, providing accounting services for a field office in that same region may provide desperately needed support that is otherwise unattainable. This frees up local workers to do the front-line work of sharing the Gospel in their own community. SERVE WITH US

Because the Gospel changes everything.

‍Through this approach, OM is helping people just like YOU use their unique gifts and skills to see the Gospel shared and lived out in more places than ever before. And as new communities of Jesus followers take root, injustice and oppression begin to crumble. Light begins to flood the culture — transforming its customs and policies and influencing individual freedom and practices.

There’s room for many more in this movement. Explore below to see how you can get involved right now!

Give today to impact forever

The time is now. Billions will live and die without experiencing the love of Jesus, and God is calling for our response. Your gift today will be put to immediate use to mobilize more workers and share the Gospel in its transformative power to change everything.

Pray with us

We believe prayer is the single most powerful form of support for the work God has given us to do. When His people come together to pray, incredible things happen. God is at work and we are so thankful you'd like to be part of it by praying in great things!

The life of a missionary is one of adventure and flexibility. Whether it's a short-term trip or a lifetime of service, we are here to answer any questions you may have and equip you with whatever you need.

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