Peru has been home to many ancient cultures and is extremely biodiverse. However, the country has gone through periods of political unrest and internal conflict and struggles with income inequality.

Peru is divided into three main areas: the dry coastal plain in the west, this is where most of the cities and industries are. There is also the high Andean flat terrain which is more agricultural and finally there are the Amazon jungles in the east of the country.

It is estimated that there are around 26 million people living in Peru, speaking at least 92 different languages. The official languages are Spanish and Quechua.

Although the country is recorded to be 90 per cent Christian and following the Catholic traditions, it is believed that 25 per cent of Peruvians are Christo-pagan, believing more in animism and witchcraft.

In order to accomplish the purpose of OM Andean Region in these countries, there are five different streams of focus:

Evangelism - the team aims to work alongside the church and Christian organisation in church planting projects, community evangelisation, and children’s evangelisation, adopting special projects and targeting un-reached groups.

Literature distribution and sales - the team aims to promote a reading culture, providing Christian literature in a variety of subjects to meet the spiritual, emotional and psychological needs of the local community.

Equipping & training - the team aims to provide formal and informal education to train those willing to serve locally and overseas, and to equip the churches who are willing to stand behind them. The OM team have developed a formal training school for Cross Cultural Communication and Missions, as well as a variety of curriculums for workshops to equip and train the national church.

Community Development -The OM Andean Region is bringing hope to prisoners, high risk children, orphans, needy communities; providing crisis prevention, education and distributing goods.

National Church Mobilization for Local & Worldwide Missions -The team are committed to challenge and encourage the church through our different seminars, workshops, global challenge and global action programs to be national champions of worldwide missions.

We would like to see many missionaries and short term volunteers coming to this country to serve the local church and to mobilize Peruvians to bring the gospel overseas

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Pray for Peru

Thank You, Lord, for Peru, with its diverse scenery ranging from the Andes to the Amazon jungles and 92 languages. We pray for the mainly Catholic population, that those caught up in dead religion will come alive in Christ and those lost in witchcraft and animism will be set free for the freedom of God.

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