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"An organization like OM that serves in the frontline of spiritual ministry cannot exist without the covering of prayers."
- Lawrence Tong
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From the Very Beginning, Prayer Has Been a Cornerstone of OM’s Ministry.
It was a caring neighbor’s prayer that saw young George Verwer come to the Lord, prayer that later inspired him to found OM and prayer that has guided our efforts for 60+ years since. Each day, our workers are first-hand witnesses to the positive, life-changing power of prayer on our world.
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Been under heavy spiritual attack and it has left me depressed again. Prayers for this depression to go away and for these attacks to stop. Also having difficulty with finances and asking for provision as well as continuing to ask God for an opportunity to meet this specific lady I am interested in before it's too late.
Please pray for healing with my daughter Karadi of all gender dysphoria and confusion symptoms and root causes and all the suffering it is causing. Deliver Karadi from it. Renew the women within her. So she may know and love feel like she is a woman internally and externally. Please heal Karadi. GOD please heal her, help her to feel like herself, like Karadi again, like the heterosexual woman that she knows she is again. Amen
please help prayer for blessing-happiness-deliverance-salvation for marcia aiko hasegawa -for agilma mitsuko hasegawa and your family.thank you very so much and god bless you too
please help prayer for blessing-happiness-deliverance-salvation for mauro akira hasegawa and your family.thank you very so much and god bless you too
please help prayer for blessing-happiness-deliverance-salvation for luis kiyoshi hasegawa -for luisa matiko hasegawa and your family.thank you very so much and god bless you too
Please pray for my immediate and gainful employment.
My physically abusive ex..who I share a beautiful and amazing 6 year old boy with. Lied a few weeks ago and got an emergency hearing in front of the judge claiming my sons life was in danger (which was a huge lie and a tactic used because he knows he no longer has the hold on me that he used to so he knows that the only way he can hurt me now is through our son) yet hes nvr had any evidence of me endangering my son. PLEASE pray for God to give me favor with the judge and that she gives me Kai back And I also ask for protection of Kai i can only imagine the crap his dad and grandma are filling in his head and I ask that you pray for his safety whereever he goes Thank you for your time God Bless
I’m hopeful that my partner sees my willingness to change as genuine and finds it in her heart to forgive me for all the wrong I’ve done and gives me another chance.
A prayer for myself, This is spiritual warfare, and character assassination The super his friends the Women/Bullies/Sadist in my building devised a bunch of lies by being deceitful and spreading the vicious lies all through the whole neighborhood My husband also betrayed me. to bring me harm and or death to me . I didn't do anything to them . I pray that God will intervene and step in and soften their heart, change their minds, open their eyes to that they are lying. stop them in their tracks. Blocking any attack or destruction in my life, and expose and shame them. Seal their lips Amen
Praise, I have the promise of a visa from Ireland, just waiting for the borders to open now.
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