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of prayers." - Lawrence Tong, International Director
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From the Very Beginning, Prayer Has Been a Cornerstone of OM’s Ministry.
It was a caring neighbor’s prayer that saw young George Verwer come to the Lord, prayer that later inspired him to found OM and prayer that has guided our efforts for 60+ years since. Each day, our workers are first-hand witnesses to the positive, life-changing power of prayer on our world.
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Please pray for all people caught in the grips of addiction of all sorts. Also, please pray that I am able to find and sustain gainful and stable employment. In Jesus' Name. AMEN
In the hospital with severe pancreatitis. Please pray for healing
Please pray for God's blessings, love. mercy and miracles in a legal matter I am facing soon. Please pray for extra special leniency from the prosecutor and judge, and that God displays His works through my lawyer. Please also pray that God blesses m
I'm asking for prayer for my son's teacher and family friend, Mr. Al. He's sick and not doing well, and he could use all the prayer he could get. Thank you.
Please pray for Piers and Christine that God in His grace and mercy will bring clarity to them of His perfect plan and will for their future together.
Please pray for me that I am able to find gainful and sustainable employment. I have been unemployed for five years, was exploited and taken advantage of for ten years. God has kept me alive for a reason. AMEN
Please pray for Nyree, to have peace and encouragement and she leads this ladies in the sobber home ,guide her as she coach them . Also pray the Lord to provide the right job for Tisha. In Jesus name Amen
I need prayers. Im a 50yr old in good health weightlifter. I have recently developed high blood pressure. My labs are ok and EKG was ok my diet is good. Dr doesn't know why. He put me on 3 High blood pressure meds. I asking Jesus to heal my whole bod
Pray that god will protect my life from hurt and harm and exstend my life for many more years also and grant every desire of my heart and restore all the devil has stolen from my life.
Pray for Tom undergoing surgery in Indianapolis .Pray for a good outcome and for his family to find peace and good health his year.
Please pray my wife won’t leave me and break up the family., and that the Lord will soften her heart and give our counseling a chance
Please pray for my son that he have a lot anger issues,depression, other negative thoughts. The enemy stop attacking my son telling and be disrespectful to us his family. My son is 18 years old. My son have better relationship with Lord Jesus
Please pray with us for healing to manifest for our daughter Tamika. She went to ER and they said she has covid. Please pray that the virus will have no effects on her organs. We are Christians and stand in faith together.
Tom is in emergency surgery. Pray for him. Injuries to leg
Please pray for my dog to recover from his illness. And Please pray for my mental health.
I've been dealing with a lot of pain for a while and digestive issues. I don't know why. But I want it to finally heal for good so I can live the type of life that I really want to live. I wanna see it be gone for good so my life can return to normal
My relationship with my daughter is deteriating. Please pray for a better relationship
Please send a prayer for my dad. He needs healing from diabetes, Anemic, muscle and nerve disease, and any other pains and sickness.
Please help me pray for the salvation of my father-in-law, Michael who is dying of lung cancer. He is very old and has not lived a life for God & now I worry about his eternal soul. I ask that the Holy Spirit convict him until he repents
I need a handicapped accessible house and car.
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